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Mines of Moria Scenario - BETA

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Version: AoM: The Titans
A lotr scenario that was originally part of a larger campaign. It has not been playtested (by someone other than me) so I appreciate feedback.

The scenario includes 6 cinematics and plenty of eyecandy.

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aom expert
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
HOLY CRAP!!!!! DUDE!!!! THIS SCENARIO IS AMAZING!!!!! I'm being totally honest with you man! It's alot of work to do something like this but you pulled it off incredibly!!! The playability was amazing. It was perfect. Not too hard, not too easy. There was amazing eyecandy and events that kept you wanting to move forward. I love how you used the sounds from the movie. There was one little glitch. It was when gandalf was supposed to say "all we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us," or something like that. I checked it out, and apparently you're missing one sound file. I could easily fix it myself and as you can see, did not in any way effect your raiting. The scenario was consistent. I've never seen a more perfect LOTR scenario. In some ways, this is even better than LTA. There were a couple parts where I got stuck, and sometimes exits or entrances weren't obvious enough. But it doesn't matter. I figured it out on my own. :)

Balance: 5
Not too hard and not too easy. The mines themselves were of course like a maze, but it was a very fun one, because of the eyecandy, riddles, and enemies. It was perfect. I found myself saving once or twice but I didn't really mind. It was nice how you actually modified the enemies attack and hitpoints.

Creativity: 5
Incredible. You used everything you could to its maximum. The effects for all the events were amazing. This is another reason I really enjoyed playing it. I appreciate how you changed everything to its appropriate name. Dead on.

Map Design: 5
If I could give you a 10, I would. It was surely an eye opener and no mistake ;). This is The best moria layout I have ever seen. You surely had talent for this. Very accurate indeed. I loved every part of it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Although there could have been a little bit more help, the player can eventually figure things out on his own. You were also to the point, and thats all that matters.

Additional Comments: I still can't beileve it. I tried not to give too much away to people reading this review because I want you guys to download this amazing scenario for yourself!!!!!! Its well worth it. Its been a long time since something This good has come out for aom concerning lotr. I myself had always had the idea of bringing lotr back as well and making just the plain movie for aom, except I would use all aom dialog, just to make things a hell of alot easier, and so it wouldnt exceed the size limit :p. I actually have started already, but ive had many drawbacks. It was very inspiring to see this amazing scenario done by a master. Well done.

[Edited on 11/07/10 @ 12:08 AM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Well... Let's rate this ^^. In the gameplay there was nothing really innovative, a basic click'n'move of all our main units in a group through quests and corridors. Sometimes fighting a few enemies, sometimes exploring the caves of the scenario. I'll take off 1 point for that but also 1 other point in the way that it was really hard to move them or make some strategics groupments. Especially with the Atlantean Villager used for Sam who kept running away from fight. Sometimes it was a real battle to make your way into the terrain. Where are we supposed to go ? Where aren't we supposed to go ? The black rocks over black terrains in a black lighting made this almost impossible. If you tried to make it this way so we are lost in the Moria, then it worked, but I don't really like this. + I was getting bored at some point of exploration. Make these phases shorter.

Balance: 2
Once again, Sam, the Atlantean Villager, was really annoying. But this is not the only problem I found in this game. Actually there are 2 types of heroes. Supremacy ones and Campain ones. Both are different in the way that Ajax (Boromir), Arkantos (Aragorn), Eitri (Gimli) and Kastor (Frodo) have a regen, others don't. And that was the first problem I had to carry about. I had to make 2 groups with those who can rush and heal and those who had to stay back and care of what they fight against. And the second group, with Sam in it, was a pain. The second problem was the balance against different ennemies all over the caves. They were too weak or too strong. Actually the fellowship must make a strategy before fighting. But here, none has any bonuses against nothing, you just had to select all you heroes and click on the enemy. No special powers ? No abilities ? I could unlock a Bolt and a Restoration, of course, but I was waiting for a bit more like when you click on 1 hero of the community, you get special god powers. And Gandalf just sounded like an old man... C'mon... It's Gandalf !

Creativity: 5
Instead of the previous problem I found, I was really surprised by such creativity. Indeed, I see you put all your efforts on the sounds and the tracks. But if I would rate the creativity clearly, I should give it a 4 because some cinematics were a bit ugly, and some sounds been activated while music kept playing. This draft aspect, even for a demo, didn't give me the wish to play more. BUT ! This is a great idea for a map and I am very happy that you made this scenario which was a pleasure in the way we can finally play as the fellowship in that famous LOTR world. I will just say for the creativity that touching LOTR is touching the great masterpiece of Tolkien. And this isn't a tiny deal, you have to work carefully on it. I'm picky with LOTR. Everyone is.

Map Design: 2
Sorry for the slow rate, really. But the map design wasn't that worked as well as I would have hoped. You didn't spend that much time on eyecandy, some random atlantean columns enlarged more than it had, some tiles, moutains, corridors, and a few customized details in some places that needed more matters. I felt like playing a supremacy game especialy with these mountains. Do not use the elevation system of AOM for mountains, make your own rocks, your own moutains. Higher or lower the ground, put rocks all over the map make us feel we are buried and under the ground. I will talk here about the map design of the orcs and goblins. Cyclops and prometheans are good, but I don't know what is that fashion of putting anubits on rocks that randomly jump on us while we walk near them. But please, STOP it. Have you ever seen jackal-headed creatures in LOTR ?
Not I.

Story/Instructions: 3
About the story, nothing particularly special except you smartly followed the story from te movie. For that point it was really good and clean. But I was a bit lost when the objectives weren't shown in the objectives menu. I know this is impossible, but think about someone that has never saw or even red the LOTR story, he would be totally lost in this map which just tell you that you are the fellowship and must make your way in the mines of Moria. If you're about to make a campain, put up some background, storyline and develp the objectives of the game.

Additional Comments:
Sorry for the bad review that will probably make you want to stop making maps on Age of Mythology or just shot me with a bunch of studded mace. But that is not my intention. Even if it's a Demo, it still has some problem and glitches, especially with eyecandy and the heroes regen. But you really did a great job on this map and I must say this is probably one of the greatest scenario we will have here, on AOM. If you keep working on it, adding the improvments I gave in the review, I will surely give this map a 5/5. Untill this time, I'll keep saying good luck on it and last, but not least, as a famous guy said : enjoy what you're doing ;)

[Edited on 01/31/11 @ 03:29 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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Size:34.08 MB
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