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Teach A Lesson To The Giants!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Atlanteans heroes come to help the colonies far north from the norse giants. A initial small group of heroes become a great army of conquest and drive the giants out from these lands forever!


The game is only battle controlling, you have no base and there is no worry about economy.


- 4 difficult levels;
- full map explorable and playable;
- more than one way to achieve victory!
- titan god powers!
- intro cinematic.


Read characters chats on the screen, they may have important information.
Explore the map, you will find more challenges and bonus to your soldiers.

Please if you find any error in the scenario, report to me so I can make better scenarios in the future and update this one.


UPDATE (11/13/2010): Victory bug corrected;
Camera position realigned.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
This map was actually not all that bad. It was well presented in the file download page, and the screen shot was well taken. Kudos for that. As far as game play went, it's the first map in a long time I've ever managed to finish. It never got boring or too hard, or just stopped playing. You did a good job keeping it going. It could be better, but it wasn't too bad.

Balance: 4
This could have been better in one way in particular. I kept picking up human soldiers when fighting myth units. I needed more heroes. There were a gob of myth units, and in some cases it was a bit more than I wanted to deal with at the time. It was enough to keep me working but not too much to make me lose. A good job here. It was a decent map in this regard.

Creativity: 5
Creativity was awesome. The map was well done, the storyline, while not amazing, held up the map and the player to deliver a good play.
I fully urge you to continue designing maps and strive to do more, better, and greater.
If this is your first map (I don't ever recall seeing your name before) I can say you've got great potential. As Cliche as that sounds.

Map Design: 4
Map design was very good. I saw plenty of mixed terrain paints, trees were well placed, water was well done, and the cities were easy to move through while still looking like a city. You landed on the sparse side of awesome though, rather than the overdone side. It's safer to land on the sparse side, because overdoing the eye candy on a map can seriously hinder unit movement and can cause the playability to plummet. You did good here. Take pride in this.

Story/Instructions: 3
I didn't see much story here, all we were doing was hunting down giants. There were plenty of them for the story, and you didn't use too many human units, though you used just enough to make me wonder what they were doing there.
Instruction was... enough. Could have used more. When I checked the Objectives banner(I'm glad you used it) I usually found a one or two word objective, and no real hints. It's best to have a two or three full sentence objective and a hint that might tell a person what to expect, what might be in the area, or which units he might want to have in front.
Having said this, the information was enough to remind the player what he/she was supposed to be doing if he/she forgot what he/she was supposed to be doing.

Additional Comments:
All in all, I am impressed. Keep up the good work!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I like the concept of the game, which is to control a limited army, to defeat your enemy. I also like the game's bonuses, such as gaining equipments and god powers after helping some of the towns.

Balance: 3
Well, since you are controlling a lot of heroes in this map, and giants are almost your only enemy, I think there is some kind of imbalance with the game. To be honest, it's not the giants who gave challenge to me, but it it's their base. I did not lose much units against the giants, but more on their hill forts and TCs. My suggestion is for you to add more Giants on their stronghold, but at the same time you may include some fire siphons for the player to use against their buildings. (Ignore this if there are fire siphons which I just didn't see). You can also put some Throwing Axemen of the Raiders to help the giants defend their city.

Creativity: 4
I think you mixed some of the campaign concepts, I think one from the original AOM campaign, and the first stage of the Titans campaign. Well I appreciate your effort to make use some of the campaign's concepts to help you create your own map.

Map Design: 4
The map design is just simple-- similar to the Random Map Tundra, as well as the first stage of the Titans campaign. Just enough details, with the trees and animals, and the space of the map is just enough for the game and the towns.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well, the story is just simple, which is driving the giants out of the map. As for the instructions, they are easy to follow and I did not have a hard time to finish this game regarding on what to do next.

Additional Comments:
VICTORY BUG: As I finished the game, it indicated "You are Victorious!", but after a very short while, it indicated "You Have Been Defeated!" I guess this is a simple bug you need to fix. Maybe the victory screen should be like finishing a Random Map, which displays the "You are Victorious!" while the units freeze and the whole map is revealed. Just my suggestion...

Anyway, it is such an good, enjoyable map, but could still be greatly improved with much more effort. Keep up the good work!

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Map Design4.0
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