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The Castle III

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is the sequel to The Castle II

In this map you occupy a castle as Garrison. You've heard of other castles around you being attacked by hordes of monsters, and you can only prepare yourself lest they come your way. Having set up all the defenses you know how, and hired heroes to defend your city, and now you can only wait. Can you build enough of an army to defend your Castle from the endless, teeming horde of monsters? Can you survive the onslaught? Can you withstand the test of The Castle?

This map is similar to the first two, but different in that you play the Norse. This scenario is harder than the other two
in that the enemy armies grow by two units every six minutes and twenty seconds, rather than just the one of the other two
scenarios. In this map you also have slightly weaker walls, and more of it to defend. You are also being attacked from all
four sides, and all four corners as well.

Your limit on heroes is up to eighty, however. And this will help you defend yourself. Add unto this the heroes from the
teleporter and you can easily build an army. In this map you will fight a Titan, even on the easy difficulty, and the kill
quota is 1500 higher. That's three thousand for easy, forty five hundred for moderate, six thousand for hard and seven
thousand five hundred for Titan. Good luck. You'll need it.

The resources are more in the city, and you have a large number of farms to work with, but all of the wood is well outside
the city. There are a few gold mines inside, but you may find yourself needing to explore for more.

The Priests and Sons of Osiris arrive in this scenario as well, appearing in the center of the map, between your town

If you lose your Town Centers and or Hill Forts, you will lose the game.

Place the .scx file into your 'My documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario' folder to play.

Updated 12/1/2010
Sound played when priests teleport in so player will know when they arrive;
Kill quota decreased;
Army growth decreased;
Cinematic modified.

Updated 1/3/2011
Maximum Hersir count reduced from eighty to fifty;
Text errors in Objectives fixed;
Cinematic modified.
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Hugar Ha! First comment and first download! Great work HammerHands, as well as the others!
Zenophobia man, you make these maps so fast! And they're all very good! i bet you're halfway done with an atlantean one by now
File Author
Thanks, guys. I hope to get many good reviews!

And at the moment I'm experimenting with the editor. Trying to make a new string or triggers to make strange effects happen. They're not working so well... my next map may be a long while in coming. Add to that my now lessened time on the CPU...

But, I hope you all enjoy this map!
Glen654 Sounds awesome, But could you include a screenshot?
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Well I like the concept of having Hel as a minor god while Thor is the major-- the idea is just brilliant-- Thor makes up for the human soldiers, while Hel makes up for the myth units. I also like the new score board which is permanently on the right of the screen unlike before, it just appears after a minute or two. Well, since this scenario has higher kill quota, I would say the replayability of this scenario is much lower than the two previous castles'. Also, having too much enemy myth units lags the game.

Balance: 4
In my opinion, both the player and the enemy has an imbalance on their side. For the enemy's side, it seems that they can not control their units because they become TOO MANY, and because of that, MOST of his units are just standing outside the walls, allowing the towers to shoot them. This happens after 1 hr and 30 min I think. As for the player's side, the opposition's army is just too many to fend off. However, if these two imbalances coincide, it somehow makes the game balanced. Just imagine how impossible (or almost) it is for the player to win if all of the enemy's units attack your base. I still give it a 4 since the programming on the enemy units' bug somehow overcomes the imbalance on the player's side.

Creativity: 5
Well this map is just like the two previous castles, only that this is the most difficult for me due to some changes. It is a scenario whre you need to defend a finely built castle from hordes of myth units.

Map Design: 4
The idea of the Norse castle is brilliant, with the way the towers are placed on the walls and how the TCs and Hill Forts are arranged on the center. Additional resources especially wood is located on the outer layers of the map, which adds some challenge to the game, since you need to sneak your gatherers so that they won't be spotted by attacking myth units.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions (which is in the initial cinematic) clearly describes the whole thing and gives the player idea of what to expect. Also, the short and simple story located on the "Spotlight" makes the game more appealing to me.

Additional Comments:
I think the previous Castles' are better than this one, because increasing the kill quota just prolongs the game, only little challenge has been added to the game. Combining it with the idea of two monster per army lags the game (I also think it is the reason why most enemy units are standing outside the walls.)

I also tested the triggers by deleting all of my starting Hill Forts and I just got defeated. Good work for making it work.

Also, I think there is a minor victory bug (as well as the two previous castle' and I don't know why I managed to forget to tell you this before). As the game end, "Victory is Yours" appear on the screen. However, the units still continue fighting, but you can't control them. This leaves the player of course--- to resign the game. If he does, The Victory would be replaced with a "You Have Been Defeated" (as if the player has lost). Anyways, this is just a minor thing, and it's up to you whether to change it or not.

All in all, this scenario is finely made, just that the replayability is lower than the previous castles'. It's up to you on how to make this as good as the previous or even better. And... Thanks for making such good map! Even if I got some concerns on this map, I still had a good time playing it!!!

[Edited on 12/01/10 @ 12:29 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review.

I guess I'll update this and divide the growth by one. It never occurred to me that it might lag on a longer game. And I never had the time to devote to a Titan game to find out the hard way.

As always, your input is appreciated.

Just a question: do you ever find the relic? It's been in all of them. And that special Gold mine?
mgs15 I did not find the relic and the special gold mine, that's why gold became a headache to me. Since the medusae are just standing on their spawning point I've manged to secure a trade route, and that's where I got my infinite but slow gold source. I also forgot to mention that the enemy Titan did not attack my base (he was supposed to attack but after killing some of my soldiers outside my base he returned from where he came.) Also other units are just standing on their spawning point, including the Sphinx and Fenris. But that only occurs after you're playing for a longer time.

What about other difficulties? Did the game lag? Everytime I try a new scenario, I always start with Titan. I only switch to lower difficulty if I know I could not finish it in Titan no matter how hard I try. To be honest if the enemy units did not stand outside my walls I think it's a 90% probability I would have lost.
File Author
In each and every one of the Castle maps there has been a re-spawning relic. It starts as the Khopesh of Horus. There has also always been a small gold mine that will not disappear with mining. The forest in this map is littered with large mines if you can't find it, though.

I only ever had time for easy. But I just updated it. Try it again if you would. It might be a lot easier.

When I played easy, the titan actually made it to my walls, but after hitting him with all four of my 'bolt' god powers, and then mobbing him with as many hersirs as would fit, he fell before ever taking the wall down.
mgs15 Just a suggestion: Can you put an army of Nidhoggs' attacking your base every after 15 to 25 mins? At least 10 and if you want only Titan may experience this... Their gather points should attack only the outer Longhouses (not the 4 Hill Forts or TCS, they might be unstoppable)

I think this could help make up for the decrease of the enemy's army growth. Just a thought...
File Author
I could... the reason I haven't done that is that the Norse have such hard times with flying myth units. Since they have no real archers and no ranged heroes. It also seems like a good way to lose the priests. Though I guess the Greek archer heroes and the towers might be able to make up for it.

Will consider this. Thanks.

How does it work now? Better?

Also! Regarding the relic? In the very first few seconds of actual game play there is a mini map flare. It'll show you where the relic is. For the gold, follow the milestones.
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