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''The Greek War'' UPDATE!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
You are a commander of a army. And your task is to destroy the city ''Balna''.

You start with a large army but it isn't a easy job to attack the city and kill the King of Balna. While you want to succeed the objectives you will be attacked and disrupted by the army of Balna and there ally The Pharao.

If you want to try something new and creatif, you have to play this senario. The city of Balna is the niccest city and beautifulst of this forum, i know that for sure. This is the best map because i have an eye for deatail.

So enjoy!

(and sorry for the bad english)

UPDATE 19-01-2011 !!!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
There was a large army, so including the enemies. When I played it it went fine but i have a fast computer. And i can understand that if other people play it it go a little slow at the beginning. It was clear what to do and the camp was very very nicely made, your indeed very creatif.

Balance: 4
I had many many troops. It was rather easy, but you made the enemies upgraded to heavy, and other classes, making it not too easy. The troops were a little bothering, but you made some of them come near the fighting, so you can focus on the battle while your men come and you just work out a stragety. It was not too easy or too hard, so I left it a four since it was not completely even. So, this gets a four.

Creativity: 5
Very creative, actually. I have not seen many scenarios like this. "A grand city, a massive army, a war." . I like the way you made this, very creative. And the details where magnicifant, and the city was just beautiful, very nicely done.

Map Design: 5
Very great design. Great terrain mixes, nice details in the camps, the city, and the battlegrounds. Beautifully done. I loved the city. It was very rich in detail and it was very nicely designed with buildings and just about every little thing it offered. The battlefield, was amazing. I love how you used the shallow river in front of the ruins, which were used as a cover for the soldiers, very, very nice. I love how you used the statue of Poesidon as in the campaign. Nicely done, bud.

Story/Instructions: 3
Great. Nothing too extrodinary in the instructions, or in the storyline overall. But this part was not too great, so I left it a three. Nicely done here.

Additional Comments:
Very nicely done. I liked this scenario a lot. I encourage you to make more scenarios such as this one. It was very great and with a few touch ups, a storyline.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
To be honest, this was rather rough. there were FAR too many units to make the game playable at any level. My computer was lagging so much I couldn't enjoy the game. If there had been fewer units, this would have been a bit higher, but with the sheer number of men you had attacking each other... this ruined this score here.

Balance: 3
This was largely caused by too many units as well. It's hard to feel like you're winning or even holding your own when it takes seven or eight seconds for your petrobolos to recharge. The hippikons were incredibly slow.
In any rate... it did not feel balanced to me. I didn't actually get to complete the game due to the lag, but probably would have been out of units before the end of the game.

Creativity: 3
Creativity? I've seen plenty of maps that looked just like this. I didn't really enjoy any of them. Maybe it's not my type of game. Maybe I'm just backwards, in any case, this was not that unique a game. I cannot at the moment add any links to these other games, since I think you might enjoy them... but they all look quite alike.

Map Design: 5
This was actually better than I was expecting. I must say I didn't expect much from you here. After dissing my hard work in nearly every one of my latest maps, I'm rather peeved. But your map design was rather nice. You do need more terrain mixing however. Maybe some more rock sprites among the rest of the map over the grassy areas to break up the grassy look.

Here I'll also have to defend my own maps and say that if I made the Castle maps look like this... there's no way the invading armies would EVER get to the Castle. It did look nice... but there's a point where you're detracting from the game play. This is why I do not like Oscar's work. His maps have so much 'pretty' that you can't maneuver the units.

Story/Instructions: 3
I didn't see much story but for what was shown in the OP. Maybe there was one, but it wasn't easy to see. The cinematics were laggy as all get out, and the flares that pointed out the objectives vanished before I could finish reading the instructions. A tip for instructions is to keep it very short. If the player wants more info he can check the objectives banner. Where you can add data on how to get to the objective as well as what you're looking to do when you get there.

Additional Comments:
I must admit I am surprised by your map design, but yet, I'm also disappointed in your gameplay. Did you not playtest this to see how well it would run? There were FAR too many units.

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Map Design5.0
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