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Desert Brawl update: v1.02

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Version: AoM: The Titans


Alrighty, I've been working on this map for a while now, and it's probably 99% complete. I just need to hunt down those elusive glitches, and I'll need your help! Here goes...

You are one of many soldiers here in this hostile desert. Your mission? To slay the evil pharaoh and burn his castle to the ground. This task may be the most important yet, so be prepared!

What makes this so special? You use hotkeys for everything! Arrow keys to move. Space to attack. 'C' to use your unit's special ability, if it has one. Capture Plenty Vaults, which will bring in reinforcements. Each time you die, you click on one of your plenty vaults and push the hotkey of the unit of your choice to respawn. Capture all plenty vaults and you win!

I wanted to let you explore the game yourselves, but it'd be tough explaining everything in-game, so I'll just explain it here. :)

-Hypaspist (A): Your starting unit. Nothing special, although he spawns with ten hoplite reinforcements.
-Murmillo (S): The next in line. His special ability is restoration, which makes him the most resilient of all units. What he lacks is armor and damage.
-Camelry (D): Swift and deadly. He's got 100% pierce armor. Good for hunting down those pesky artillary ballistas.
-Einherjar (F): Tough but slow, he's great for chopping down large groups of enemies that come close. His special ability is blowing his horn, which damages nearby enemies and calls nearby allies to his aid. (This ability is still a bit iffy)
-Gastraphetes (G): Ah, the joy of gunpowder... This guy's unique. Press 'C' to enter aiming mode. In aiming mode, use arrow keys to aim. Space to shoot an explosive arrow. 'C' again to return to normal mode.
-Fanatic (H): Lots of fun to use, and pretty straightforward. Each time he attacks, he increases his damage by 1! If he starts to flame, that's okay. It means his attack has gone up past 40. (And he's just hot that way :P)
-Hersir (J): This guy's also very unique. Each time he attacks, he slams his hammer against the ground, knocking away and stunning all enemies. He's just vulnerable against ranged units.
-War Elephant (K): BFG! He's big! And... um... fat! But besides that, he's so ginormous, he damages units in front of him as he walks!
-Destroyer (L): Slow but deadly. This guy likes spearing other people. If he's in trouble, you can call in a group of allies to help you!
-Son of Osiris (Q): You can't leave this guy out of the pack! Rapidly press space to shoot lightning. If he gets attacked, he has to restart the whole spell! Each time he attacks, enemies have a 60% chance of being struck by a bolt.
-Field General (W): You've seen 'em before, right? Always wanted to be a proud shiny knight on a white horse, right? Now you can! (C) to enter/exit command mode. In command mode, you are slower and cannot attack, but you can order nearby allies to do as you wish!
-Valkyrie (E): A maiden of Valhalla. She can call upon the powers of the gods to bring forth frost even upon this arid desert. If that's not enough, she spawns with a whole battalion of fellow Valkyrie and Einherjars!

Difficulty Levels
-Easy: For the guys that love nothing more than running around stomping merrily all over your enemies and making clam chowder out of their brains.
-Moderate: The way the game was meant to be balanced. Nothing else to say, really...
-Hard: For those that like a challenge. Enemies are stronger and there's 50% more enemies.
-Titan: WARNING! IF YOU'RE REALLY COMPETITIVE AND CANT STAND LOSING, DON'T PLAY THIS MODE! You will have a seizure, scream, and whack your computer with an axe! Beware! You have been warned...

Well now, that would be giving away too much information now wouldn't it? Just download it and see for yourself!

More Features
-Each time you play, the layout of the points is completely different! You might have a plenty vault near the oasis one time, and the next have it in the middle of nowhere!
-If you keep on playing the game, you'll eventually meet every land and air military and myth unit in the game!
-One more important thing. If you spawn in the middle of the plenty vault or you get stuck in some weird place in the middle of nowhere, just hit 'P' which will kill your character and let you choose another place to respawn.

UPDATE: v1.02
-Movement is smoother. WAY smoother
-Added two new units: Field General and Valkyrie
-Added advice messages
-Bosses are tougher

A final note: This game's still only 99% complete! Be as critical as you want and fire away with those reviews! Good luck and have fun!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
aom expert
Steel Ken I LOVE it. But change screenshot.. I had to think before download... It looks kinda dull
Daimond Daimondo Hi I played this game thirce it is very good but still has bugs. I discoverd the problem of movement can be solved just by moving slowly. If we continuely press the arrow keys then the unit walks in the wrong direction. To solve this we must tap the keys slowly though not too slow. You can know the right speed by observing: If the unit plays the walking animation and if the footprints appear than it is the right speed. Also in the starting cinematic it says level up to unlock better units. I found nothing of that sort my unit never levels up and there is no need to unlock any units they are already unlocked just when ous unit is killed we can even choose the strongest one. There are some more glicthes if I find any more I will tell you here. I will give you a review after all of them are fixed in the final update so I can give you fair points for this awsome project in which I am sure you spent much time.
Daimond Daimondo Also people are telling about a problem and I also witnessed it that: Sometimes when one unit dies before we can choose another unit the same type of unit that died or a random one appears.I have found a way to counter this. What the players are sopposed to do is to click a plenty vault and quickly on the ground so that nothing is selected and then press the required hotkey for the unit you want. I hope that I helped.
aom expert
-_- ... I haven't played aom since I told you about the bug. I can't. And I don't wanna go through with uninstalling it. Like I said, I've done it too many times. Can you please provide a solution? (By the way, I'm using a no-cd crack version of the aom.exe, but I know it is the latest. Could this be the problem?)

[Edited on 03/27/11 @ 10:11 AM]

File Author
that's weird, because I use a no cd crack version as well. have you tried to start the vanilla version?
aom expert
What does that have to do with it? I'm using a cd crack for that too because I purchased titans and not vanilla. So what am I gonna do... reinstall my aom? Play this game http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=9121 and you'll see afterwards when you go to use the arrow keys to scroll the map you see "Move Up" and "Move Down" and such to the left of the screen. I remember somehow I was able to get rid of this but I can't with your scenario.
File Author
how about this: Remove the file from your scenario folder, and then install Reyk's latest New Editor. It overwrites any previous versions, so it's safe even if you've downloaded it before. There may be some incompatibility between my Hotkey triggers and your AoM, but Reyk's New Editor changes up AoM, so there might be a chance. This is what I did when I played AoM and one day all my main menu buttons simply dissappeared. When I installed the New Editor, it rearranged the game and I could use my main menu again. I'm not sure if this will work for you, though.
aom expert
The last thing I want is a new editor. I've had way too many buttons to handle with and way too many bugs such as what you explained. I uninstalled nxe3 which i had for a while. It was just too much. I want to keep it simple. So I won't be doing that anytime soon. I did find out the problem doesnt occur on aom vanilla. I even tried reseting my hotkeys. Nothing. Again, I'm not about to change up my aom.

It's like you changed a file used for the game or something 8S

[Edited on 03/27/11 @ 09:05 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I can't move backwards which stinks because tons of units always are behind my character and i can't do anything about it. Sometimes movement is messed up like when i attack my character moves around alot

Balance: 3
Pretty balanced enemy isn't too strong game is well balanced in general

Creativity: 5
never played anything like this before so creative ill play it all the time

Map Design: 3
maps kinda boring but its probably because you have to deal with just getting the game to work :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Great instructions i was able to play the game the first time just with the instructions you gave

Additional Comments:
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