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Desert Brawl update: v1.02

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Version: AoM: The Titans


Alrighty, I've been working on this map for a while now, and it's probably 99% complete. I just need to hunt down those elusive glitches, and I'll need your help! Here goes...

You are one of many soldiers here in this hostile desert. Your mission? To slay the evil pharaoh and burn his castle to the ground. This task may be the most important yet, so be prepared!

What makes this so special? You use hotkeys for everything! Arrow keys to move. Space to attack. 'C' to use your unit's special ability, if it has one. Capture Plenty Vaults, which will bring in reinforcements. Each time you die, you click on one of your plenty vaults and push the hotkey of the unit of your choice to respawn. Capture all plenty vaults and you win!

I wanted to let you explore the game yourselves, but it'd be tough explaining everything in-game, so I'll just explain it here. :)

-Hypaspist (A): Your starting unit. Nothing special, although he spawns with ten hoplite reinforcements.
-Murmillo (S): The next in line. His special ability is restoration, which makes him the most resilient of all units. What he lacks is armor and damage.
-Camelry (D): Swift and deadly. He's got 100% pierce armor. Good for hunting down those pesky artillary ballistas.
-Einherjar (F): Tough but slow, he's great for chopping down large groups of enemies that come close. His special ability is blowing his horn, which damages nearby enemies and calls nearby allies to his aid. (This ability is still a bit iffy)
-Gastraphetes (G): Ah, the joy of gunpowder... This guy's unique. Press 'C' to enter aiming mode. In aiming mode, use arrow keys to aim. Space to shoot an explosive arrow. 'C' again to return to normal mode.
-Fanatic (H): Lots of fun to use, and pretty straightforward. Each time he attacks, he increases his damage by 1! If he starts to flame, that's okay. It means his attack has gone up past 40. (And he's just hot that way :P)
-Hersir (J): This guy's also very unique. Each time he attacks, he slams his hammer against the ground, knocking away and stunning all enemies. He's just vulnerable against ranged units.
-War Elephant (K): BFG! He's big! And... um... fat! But besides that, he's so ginormous, he damages units in front of him as he walks!
-Destroyer (L): Slow but deadly. This guy likes spearing other people. If he's in trouble, you can call in a group of allies to help you!
-Son of Osiris (Q): You can't leave this guy out of the pack! Rapidly press space to shoot lightning. If he gets attacked, he has to restart the whole spell! Each time he attacks, enemies have a 60% chance of being struck by a bolt.
-Field General (W): You've seen 'em before, right? Always wanted to be a proud shiny knight on a white horse, right? Now you can! (C) to enter/exit command mode. In command mode, you are slower and cannot attack, but you can order nearby allies to do as you wish!
-Valkyrie (E): A maiden of Valhalla. She can call upon the powers of the gods to bring forth frost even upon this arid desert. If that's not enough, she spawns with a whole battalion of fellow Valkyrie and Einherjars!

Difficulty Levels
-Easy: For the guys that love nothing more than running around stomping merrily all over your enemies and making clam chowder out of their brains.
-Moderate: The way the game was meant to be balanced. Nothing else to say, really...
-Hard: For those that like a challenge. Enemies are stronger and there's 50% more enemies.
-Titan: WARNING! IF YOU'RE REALLY COMPETITIVE AND CANT STAND LOSING, DON'T PLAY THIS MODE! You will have a seizure, scream, and whack your computer with an axe! Beware! You have been warned...

Well now, that would be giving away too much information now wouldn't it? Just download it and see for yourself!

More Features
-Each time you play, the layout of the points is completely different! You might have a plenty vault near the oasis one time, and the next have it in the middle of nowhere!
-If you keep on playing the game, you'll eventually meet every land and air military and myth unit in the game!
-One more important thing. If you spawn in the middle of the plenty vault or you get stuck in some weird place in the middle of nowhere, just hit 'P' which will kill your character and let you choose another place to respawn.

UPDATE: v1.02
-Movement is smoother. WAY smoother
-Added two new units: Field General and Valkyrie
-Added advice messages
-Bosses are tougher

A final note: This game's still only 99% complete! Be as critical as you want and fire away with those reviews! Good luck and have fun!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
Firstly I should mention that I played this game twice to be sure the problem does not come from me. But it turned out that indeed, the handling of the character was a bit disappointing although the game remained pleasant and enjoyable to play. There were some problems moving particularly at hotkeys, sometimes it was not the right place at the right time and attack the opponents was a fiasco. However, I bow before quite original gameplay and creativity relatively good at moving our character (although it remains to correct the timing with our character).

Balance: 3
I played this game with medium difficulty to get a panoramic view of its difficulty. The challenge is still present so that you have to concentrate if you are in front but do not worry about anything as long as you avoid the fight, especially the city which is especially hard to take. The allies were numerous enough that your opponents do not attack you automatically, which was rather annoying. Fortunately we appreciate the move around the battle and sometimes we just have to watch to win.

Creativity: 5
A map of high quality, particularly in terms of its realization and its gameplay although unfortunately some defects are present. The idea is original and well found, and we can not get bored even if we avoid the fighting. I want to point out that this is indeed a real game where you're having fun and we appreciate the time that we pass. Completely delusional in all but pleasant.

Map Design: 5
No anomaly in the map design. The details are present. It passes easily from one table to another, even if the desert is the main theme, the idea is recycled and used well. Sometimes too much sand at animations but nothing too serious. I would put a 5 only to be able to raise the level of playability and balance of the game but rather it deserves a 4.5 for a slight lack of originality in the landscape. Maybe you should spend some more time to put some rocks here and there. But the eyecandy is quite fine and 5 sounds correct.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story? There were none so I put here a 4. But I like the idea of playing as in Dynasty Warriors (PS game). The background is not really important in this kind of bit'em all scenario. But the basics are there and the instructions are very well articulated, although a small alternative tutorial would have been nice. At least we are at no time lost and abandoned thereby raising the level of a scenario very well found and very well handled by its creator.

Additional Comments:
Eventually I found myself stuck between two Plenty vault which is quite unpleasant. Despite this bug, I really liked the scenario as I have been proposed to play. This is not the first time I see this kind of map, but such games are lacking and Zenophobia could well change the situation by continuing his work and continuing to offer us such great masterpieces.

Keep working on that hotkeys and the next scenario with this gameplay should be just fine.

Good job anyway ;)

[Edited on 01/24/11 @ 04:51 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
It was a nice scenario. You had control of your unit almost 85% of the time. The other 15% is where your unit wandered aimlessly. Another thing, you should make it harder to get the SoO. Other than that, very nice scenario.

Balance: 4
It was well balanced. But next time, try to make it so the enemy has more units and stronger bosses

Creativity: 5
VERY Nice! This is a very creative map. Like you said a mixture of abunch of games incorporated into an AoM scenario! Very Nice!

Map Design: 3
The map was okay. It didn't have to be very big, but you should put more eyecandy into it.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not much to put here. You explained it in the starting cinematic, but other than that, nothing.

Additional Comments:
Great Scenario. If you could try to make more factions fighting each other(I.E Players 1,2,3 are fighting Players 4,5,6 while Player 7 is fighting everyone). Great Job!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The Playability, well said, i always loved to control a charecter in the middle of a bloodlust! Although you can't move diagonally, but im not really asking for it though, just saying if you can include it. (Also with the einherjar, everytime i press space he just blows his horn, he doesn't attack, is it suppose to do that?)

Balance: 4
I was gonna get ready for a long game, cause it was almost impossible to take that damn city down! Although i've only played on easy, but from the looks i think the other difficulties just increases the enemey's health. ( Old... >< )

Creativity: 5
Read Playbility, i always LOVED to be in a middle of a bloodlust, sad thing is the buggy charecter control for some units... maybe its just me?Units everywhere, epic foes, so intense....... Great Work!

Map Design: 4
Erm, did i mention theres NOT MUCH eyecandy here? I mean i did see some good SPOTS of eyecandy on the map, maybe eyegyptain eyecandy all over the place in one spot, the other... and make the plenty vaults more realistic (more sparkly :/) to get the attention probably and to make it think its worth getting.

Story/Instructions: 3
The cinimatic explains all, yeah... although little objectives... all i see in the objectives task bar is " Take all the pelnty vaults! " or whatever, which made it kinda boring, No Hints? No Kewl Spotlight..?

Additional Comments:
This is my first review, delete or stay, IDC, i just tryed( I have also read the guildlines a long long time ago sshh...)
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I can't move backwards which stinks because tons of units always are behind my character and i can't do anything about it. Sometimes movement is messed up like when i attack my character moves around alot

Balance: 3
Pretty balanced enemy isn't too strong game is well balanced in general

Creativity: 5
never played anything like this before so creative ill play it all the time

Map Design: 3
maps kinda boring but its probably because you have to deal with just getting the game to work :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Great instructions i was able to play the game the first time just with the instructions you gave

Additional Comments:
Map Design3.0
This scenario hasn't got any reviews or comments in a while so I'll just give my own:

Playability: 1
One of the main features about this scenario is that it uses hotkeys for controlling the player rather than using the usual mouse for movement and also attacking enemies. However, this also poses a very large problem for gameplay; Sometimes my character won't respond to my hotkeys, takes too long to turn after going to one direction, and diagonal movement is impossible, plus hit detection is very poor, with my melee classes completely missing enemies even when they're right in front of me, and ranged classes can completely stop attacking before they can fire a shot because the enemies surrounding him have been killed by my ally's soldiers. As a result, I died 10 times on my first playthrough (despite reading the instructions thoroughly and attempting hit-and-run tactics) before I managed to land a single blow on an enemy unit, and even then, that enemy unit still has plenty of health! (I think it was an Avenger) and I died again not long after. This has really put me off from playing the scenario a second time and further. You should implement an attack radius system for melee classes so they can hit enemies easier and allow ranged classes to auto-acquire other enemies after their original target has been killed.

Balance: 1
Due to the arduous hotkey system, I have a very difficult time with controlling my character, let alone exploring the map, so I must let my allies defeat the enemy by themselves without any assistance from me most of the time. The control points constantly switch back-and-forth between the sides, with my side having a higher chance of winning on easier difficulties and vice versa on harder difficulties. Because I cannot help my faction, my involvement in this scenario is at best, just another cannon fodder for the enemy.

Creativity: 3
The overall concept is quite promising, with many classes to try that have unique stats and abilities, the control points that I have to capture in order to win, and the tense atmosphere of the scenario. However, it has been bogged down by the many problems it has that I have described in great detail above and below this review, and some that I have yet to spot.

Map Design: 3
The map design is pretty good, with terrain mixing, rock formations, the ruins of a city, palm forests decorated with flowers and tamarisk trees, and the appealing designs of the fortresses, but why only 3? At many points throughout playing the scenario, it lags very much (even though my computer is of high performance) which only exacerbates the already appalling hotkey system. This is probably caused by the numerous sandstorm effects and the extremely high unit spawn rate for both factions, so please do what you can to reduce or eliminate lag in this scenario.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are simple; you use hotkeys to control the player, which is explained everytime you boot up the scenario in the opening cinematic, and there are also regular messages like if i get stuck I can press the P button to kill myself and respawn, but the scenario's storyline is very shallow, if not nonexistent. So why am I fighting against this "evil" pharaoh? Is it because he has done something atrocious that has yet to be explained? Or is it because you just don't like him so much that you spin-doctored your friends so that they believe he's evil and persuade them to fight against him? Please give a more detailed, in-depth storyline, and maybe enable the option to choose sides between him or your current faction if possible.

Additional Comments:
To the author, this scenario is 99% complete. But to me (and some other users), it is only 60% complete. Please refine the controls, add a proper storyline, reduce the lag, and fix all those other bugs! To Zenophobia, please reply to my review if you want so you can spew grawlixes at me all you want if you think it's too harsh and anything else. ;-)

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