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The Castle IV

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Astrological Design presents

The Castle IV

While the Norse Castle of Valhalla hill fought off it's attackers, the mighty fortress of the Towmann plateau came under seige by a similar army. By now the Empires of the world have begun to notice the attacks, and are mounting a more determined defense. The Atlaneans are at the forefront of this defense, and with the Fortress of Towman Plateau, they have set up a lure to draw the armies away from thier cities. Surrounded by four mighty walls, the Fortress is nigh impregnable. Only the toughest myth units can survive and persist under the withering fire of the towers and the attacks of the resident heroes long enough to defeat the walls and destroy the Fortress. All of the attacking armies were known to be ground based, but this one is soon found to have many airial attackers. Have the Atlanteans underestimated the determination of these myth units to eradicate the human populations?

Thanks to all of you who have spent many, many hours enjoying this saga, it has been one wild ride and We've had many exciting hours of scenario building with these maps. This is the final installment of the Castle Saga, and We may someday upload them all at once in one file, updated and modified. Tweaks and whatnot, possibly as a campaign (if we can ever figure out how). Nevertheless, We thank you for all the downloads, We've broken our own records with these maps and are glad to have made them. Who would have thought that our maps could be so popular? Every one has made the best files list and every one has had a lot of downloads, all thanks to you!

We here at Astrological Design thank you for your downloads. This is by no means our last upload, We plan on a few more at least, so keep your eyes open. 'Till next time and happy gaming!

Updated 02/22/2011
Message modified
Godpowers adjusted

Updated 02/28/2011
Castle modified
Army movement modified
Hero spawn modifiied
Readme modified
More Gold added
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
anstar10 The code fail makes me sad hammer :'( will play it soon
mgs15 I noticed that during my first trial, there are some group of myth units that don't make to my walls, since they are just stalled at their spawning point. These include the hydra, sphinx and promethean. At first, they were aggressive, but at the middle of the game, I don't see them anymore attacking their walls. For now, I won't make any formal reviews yet-- I guess this needs more testing and a bit of revisions...

Anyways, I liked the small story that you set up at the starting cinematics--- it made me wanna play the game immediately, and also, the flying units added more challenge to the game, which is great. This may be way better than the previous, it just needs some polishing. Good work here.
File Author
Sorry for the code fail... I had the thing set on HTML and used BB Code.

Which difficulty were you playing? I remember the Sphinx's attack through out the game. I know the Automatons eventually didn't (Don't know why; I was killing tons of units, there wasn't a lag out problem)

Did you find the relic? :p

Anyway... I will try to find the problems. I may just need to retrigger those armies. Thanks for playing!
mgs15 I was playing Titan difficulty. Maybe I'll play it again some other time for more testing...

When I was playing I was focusing on the challenge and the scenario's credibility, that's why I did not bother to find it. Maybe the next time I play it I'll try to find it. Also, I'm having a hard time to look for it since the Atlanteans on this scenario did not have any flying units, so I'm way too lazy for exploration...

Anyways, thanks also for considering to include some of my suggestions! =)

[Edited on 02/21/11 @ 10:08 AM]

File Author
When you find it, build a sky passage.
File Author
I could find no reason why the aforementioned armies weren't attacking the Castle. I have had similar problems with the Automatons, as I think I mentioned... (Did I?) But the triggers are sound. They were all alike one copied from another and modified. If one does not work... it is most likely a bug.

If you still have trouble with it lemme know, I'll go back into the editor and redo those triggers.

mgs15 If I would make a review for this right now, it would be:

Playability: 3

Certainly, there are bugs on this scenario regarding the enemy's way points. For sure, this isn't the way the scenario is designed. During my previous trial, only the chimera, stymphalian birds, and phoenix are constantly attacking my base. At first, I can see variations of enemy myth units that attack my base, but as the game goes on, several armies are stalled on their spawning point, until much later that only those 3 armies I mentioned are attacking.

Balance: 3

There could be a great imbalance either on the player's side, or on the enemy's side.

The imbalance on the player's side is I think it's almost impossible to finish his on Titan difficulty, I lacked the resources to defend my base. When I saw the special gold mine, it was well guarded with enemy myth units stalled on their spawning point (the anubites if I remember correctly).Obviously I would have lost if Arkantos did not come on the game. I did win just because Arkantos came provided there is the blessing of Zeus. Fixing the enemy way points, or moving the special gold mione to a much safer location should help remove this imbalance

The imbalance on the enemy's side may happen only rarely. I just thought what if Arkantos came on the game early on? Then it would be a certain victory. Well, don't think too much about this one, but it may occur and cause the game to be quite boring.

To sum it up, winning should not be by chance. If the scenario remains this way, I would say that the only hope to win for higher difficulties is only when Arkantos comes.

Creativity: 5

The idea of the scenario which is defending a castle from lots of myth units is certainly yours. The concept of all the castle scenarios may be the same, but the way you play it, the strategy you need to win every one of it may vary. Also, I liked the way how you set up the initial cinematic, it makes me want to play the game immediately as soon as I saw it.

Map Design: 4

The map was well layered out, most resources are located outside the city gates. The way you set the castle up is also presentable, especially the middle part. The outer layer of the base is not that favorable to me, though, because it makes the base larger, and managing a large base can be confusing

Instructions/ Story: 4

As I mentioned before, the starting cinematic made the game more appealing, and there is the usual story in the Spotlight. The instructions are all simple, but I guess you should put it in game, especially the kill quota per difficulty. This is for downloaders who are not yet familiar with "The Castle Saga" or those who have not yet played its earlier predecessors.

Additional Comments:

Well, despite my concerns on this scenario, I still had a great time playing it and this gave me great thrill. Even if I had a god Arkantos, my victory was not yet certain because

1. The phoenix may just ignore him and just start destroying the center of the base (which would cause defeat to the player right?)

2. Believe it or not, god Arkantos almost died when surrounded by 40 or more Avengers, provided there are also 40 Phoenix above firing at him. I just stalled the Avengers with other units, making a way out for the cornered Arkantos god.

Also, there are two Arkantos heroes that spawned from the portal, even though I have not yet used the blessing of Zeus on the first one.

Well, that's for now I think. If you want me to turn this review into an official one, just tell me. Thanks also for considering some of my suggestions and for making this map. However it just needs more improvement so it would be as good as the other three. Good luck!

[Edited on 02/26/11 @ 03:43 AM]

File Author
Thanks for that. I actually added another QV to Arkantos, to allow for a greater chance of him coming through the teleporter. It had not occured to me that this would allow for two Arkantos heroes.
This is a bug I will fix.
I shall redo the armies that are not moving, and will move either the gold mine, or that army.
I hope to make this map as good or better than the other four, and am pleased that you liked the intro.
mgs15 One other thing, the enemy Titan stayed in its place once it appeared. Apparently there is also something wrong with its waypoint as well.

Suggestion: Can you put a sound when the enemy Titan spawns? If you watched Terminator Salvation, a sound is played when the CGI facial likeness of Arnold Scwarzenegger appeared. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out:

Everytime the enemy Titan spawns, that sound just comes into my head. Haha!
File Author
I did... you should hear the selection sound when he appears... it's kind of quiet... but I couldn't think of anything better.
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