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Legends of Middle Earth

Author File Description
Stephen Caines
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Compatibility: Requires Age of Mythology The Titans Expansion version 1.03
AoM:TT and LoME cannot be run concurrently.

Basic Overview

Legends of Middle Earth is a full makeover of Age of Mythology: The Titans, and provides for both normal Single Player Random maps where you can play as Men, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves; or the traditional LOTR campaigns. You can play multi-user using directly connected PC’s, but the game is not ESO-compatible.

The Campaigns

The Campaign Menu has five options:
  • The Hobbit

  • Fellowship of the Ring (FOTR)

  • The Two Towers (TTT)

  • The Return of the King (ROTK)

  • Adventures in Middle Earth

FOTR and TTT are complete campaigns. ROTK is a work in progress and only the first 4 scenarios are included at present. The Hobbit currently holds a prequel scenario that lets people know that the slot is available for anyone to use once the movie is out.
Adventures in Middle Earth is really just a place where you can put your own Middle Earth creations or those others have posted – I’ve noticed a few good ones – It has two example scenarios.

To install:
  1. Download the .zip file

  2. Extract and run the Legend of Middle Earth 4.0 application, if prompted to use the current Age of Mythology folder say yes. THIS WILL NOT OVERWRITE ANY STANDARD AOM:TT FILES

To run:
  1. Run the AOMEmod.exe in your Age of Mythology folder (or click the desktop icon if you requested one)

  2. Click the Campaign button on the Main Menu.

  3. Choose the campaign of your choice – most likely The Two Towers!

  4. Select first scenario – most likely Foundations of Stone - and difficulty level.

  5. Click the Start Button.

  6. Random Map play goes through the same process as AoM:TT and unfortunately uses the same maps. Most of the stuff is in the online tech tree so use this to inform your selection. Some of the newer stuff cannot be built or trained at present (though my kids are hassling me do fix this). I will get around to it!

Acknowledgements: A lot of people played a role in this game – click Game Credits for a full list, but for the last year or so it has been down to Guardian of Isis and myself. We thank you for your patience! ROTK has no target completion date and I will release updates separately as they are done.
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EvilMyself I have a problem. When i start a random map it comes with an error but i can still play. After i buyed omnisence i can see the enemy but they do nothing! Maybe they build 1 or 2 buildings but thats it how can i fix this?
BSU_DoLhades @ Stephen thanks :P

anyway, I found the problem, it is in fact the triggers, I bolted the Balrog as it said "It is wounded, follow it and try to find a way of keeping it wounded" It then went to a place I had already wounded it at, and bolted it, that meant the game couldnt carry on
BSU_DoLhades double post XD

anyway Im planning this atm, the Haradrim mod will age as follows (What I planned anyway)

Suladan (Leader)
Path of Umbar Path of the Tribes
Path of Mahud Path of the Hasharii
Path of Sauron Path of the Colonists (Gondor)

Colonist (Gondor, faster gatherer)
Warrior (Age2)
Corsair (Umbar)
Corsair Raider (Umbar)
Corsair Bowman (Umbar)
Corsair Ballista (Umbar)
Corsair Warship (Umbar, aggressive transport)
Watchman (Tribes)
Horse Archer (Tribes)
King (Tribes)
Chieftain with Bow upgrade (Tribes)
Mounted Chieftain (Tribes)
Mounted King (Tribes)
Mahud Warrior (Mahud)
Mahud Blowgunner (Mahud)
Mahud Chief (Mahud)
Mahud King - Tech for Mumakils (Mahud)
Half Trolls (Mahud)
Hasharii assassin (Hasharii)
Assault Ship (Age 2)
Siege Ship (Age 3)
Fishing Ship
Raider Boat (Hasharii, speedy transport boat with a small attack)
Informat (Hasharii)
Black Numenoreans (Sauron)
Khandish Axeman (Age 3)
Khandish Chief (Age 3)
Khandish Chariot (Age 4)
Ringwraith (Sauron, Its Khamul, the second in command)
Khandish Raider (Age 3)
Khandish Axe thrower (Age 4)
Mumakil (Age 3)
Bezerker (Sauron, a believer in Sauron)
Black Numenorean Captain (Sauron)
Colonist Spearmen (Gondor)
Colonist Archers (Gondor)
Colonist Knights (Gondor)
Colonist Captain (Gondor)
Colonial Ships (All of Gondors ships)
Colonial Swordsmen (Gondor)
Colonial Governor (Gondor, only the one, has battle cry)
Easterling units (Sauron)
Huntsmen (Age 2, poisened arrows!)

Most of those probably wont make it, but until then thats what im using, the colonial units will be slightly stronger than the standard Gondorian, they will give cheap armoured units to the Harad, however sometimes it would be better to use the standard arrows, worshipping Sauron means you gain access to Easterling units, they are extremley expensive and rarely make an oppurtunity to exceed the Harad, meanwhile, they gain access to the powerful Black Numenoreans, who are heavily armoured and do prove themselves. This is a huge list but I hope to accomplish this!
Coca_Cola93 HA! I got a black numenorean unit, too. :p

But now back to topic:
Stephen, I'm always amazed by the mods you did. It's awesome to see that this fantastic thing finally made it to heavengames. I still knew it when you told us the first time that TTT will come soon. And now it's finally here. Great!

Hope to see ROTK soon, too. :)
Sky_fighter23 Excellent Sharing good work i love it very much thanx
Doogie12 I was playing as the Hobbits the other day, but I couldn't build a foundry and because of that I couldn't advance past the classical age. Is this intended?
Stephen Caines
File Author
@Doogie12 - LoL, my son has been hassling me about this, but it has been a while since I did this bit and to be honest I forget how it works! In Age 1 you need to build an Inn. But having had a quick look at the code, I don't think you get the elven artisans you need to build the Rivendell or Mirkwood TC you need for to get beyond Age 2. I will need to look into this, but as I am moving house this week it may not be straight away.

At first glance I do not make the techs Age 2 Rivendell Units and Age 2 Mirkwood Units active, but I need to check whether they should be set at Age 2 Rivendell and Age 2 Mirkwood or somewhere else.

@ BSU_DoLhades - sounds good, but from experience a hell of a lot of work! Once you have your plan finalised, let me know. If you need to cut down the scope, you could always pick the best bits and expand what happens from Age 3 Alatar.
cerberus_1996 Hey i have a question,
How do i use the stuff from LoME in AoM: Titan Expansion? I'm making a lvl and in my lvl you play as guys that honours zeus and you need to kill some evil guys and the black gate of mordor could be very usefull. (Sorry for bad english.):$
Stephen Caines
File Author
@cerberus_1996 - just find somewhere and used AoMED to unpack all the files. Then just find the unit anim for the one you like, this will give you model/texture details and then you can use these to create a new mod as you would do normally.
EstradaKing1 I just want to ask some questions cause i think it might have downloaded wrong or it's suppose to be like that?

is there suppose to be a civ that is Unused?

is the Tulkas and Lorien suppose to have missing techs in the AOM chart on ramdom map?

Aule has techs missing too?

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