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Legends of Middle Earth

Author File Description
Stephen Caines
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Compatibility: Requires Age of Mythology The Titans Expansion version 1.03
AoM:TT and LoME cannot be run concurrently.

Basic Overview

Legends of Middle Earth is a full makeover of Age of Mythology: The Titans, and provides for both normal Single Player Random maps where you can play as Men, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves; or the traditional LOTR campaigns. You can play multi-user using directly connected PC’s, but the game is not ESO-compatible.

The Campaigns

The Campaign Menu has five options:
  • The Hobbit

  • Fellowship of the Ring (FOTR)

  • The Two Towers (TTT)

  • The Return of the King (ROTK)

  • Adventures in Middle Earth

FOTR and TTT are complete campaigns. ROTK is a work in progress and only the first 4 scenarios are included at present. The Hobbit currently holds a prequel scenario that lets people know that the slot is available for anyone to use once the movie is out.
Adventures in Middle Earth is really just a place where you can put your own Middle Earth creations or those others have posted – I’ve noticed a few good ones – It has two example scenarios.

To install:
  1. Download the .zip file

  2. Extract and run the Legend of Middle Earth 4.0 application, if prompted to use the current Age of Mythology folder say yes. THIS WILL NOT OVERWRITE ANY STANDARD AOM:TT FILES

To run:
  1. Run the AOMEmod.exe in your Age of Mythology folder (or click the desktop icon if you requested one)

  2. Click the Campaign button on the Main Menu.

  3. Choose the campaign of your choice – most likely The Two Towers!

  4. Select first scenario – most likely Foundations of Stone - and difficulty level.

  5. Click the Start Button.

  6. Random Map play goes through the same process as AoM:TT and unfortunately uses the same maps. Most of the stuff is in the online tech tree so use this to inform your selection. Some of the newer stuff cannot be built or trained at present (though my kids are hassling me do fix this). I will get around to it!

Acknowledgements: A lot of people played a role in this game – click Game Credits for a full list, but for the last year or so it has been down to Guardian of Isis and myself. We thank you for your patience! ROTK has no target completion date and I will release updates separately as they are done.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Inazuma @ilyrria I can't really give you any more advise other than to make sure you dont have any other mods installed and install this mod correctly!

@ilias494 & everyone else: The HG download should be working alright now :)

@sauron123456: Sorry I don't understand!
Stephen Caines
File Author
@Rider - thanks (sorry been away on business).

@suaron123456 - Con que programa editastes aome.exe. I think this means: with what program do you edit aome.exe? (sorry I live in Australia and we have trouble speaking one language). But I use Programmers Notepad (a free hex editor). If you search for the AOMZ mod that explains which bits I changed.

GENERAL CRASHES: Other than the file on AoMH seem to be a tad cactus, if you have a modded terrains.xmb in your /terrains folder I am pretty sure that will crash the game, as every scenario I have done will use new terrains. If someone who has had this problem can confirm removing the terrain.xmb fixes it, I could change the .exe to point to a different terrain file. Same probably applies to cliffs and skies.

I am not sure about the sound issue (need more info). Also would like to know if others do get sound.
Kmetal1121 I'm sorry if this has been said before, but when I play random maps it says it cannot load some balancer, and the ais just sit there and do nothing. Any ideas?
glock_Dragon How do you get the Random Map AI's working. By the way, this is just as good, if not better than the AOM and the AOM TT campaigns, awesome job Steven!
Inazuma There's no AI for the computer unfortunately! You can only play against friends on LAN
Hydrahh i have a problem, the campaign for this works but everytime i go on random map mode the AI never build any units or buildings.... when the game begins an error message appeares and it says xsi error 0003: could not complete file 'A12/AoMEaiLoaderbalancedxs'

if someone knows how to fix your hwlp would be very appreciated :)
Rafeh971 Hey Man thnx heaps. Just got 1 major problem: When i start random map not campaign, a game window of aom pops up just when i start the random map.It Exactly says: 00:00:00 (0):XS: Error 0003: could not complete file 'AI2\AoMEaiLoader Balanced.XS'. Thats exact. this creates the problem that my enemy guy doesnt even move. It always happens when i try to play random map. Please help. I bought Lord of the rings battle for middle earth 1 (LOTR BFME 1) and it doesnt work plzz help me. And plzz help me in BFME 1 aswell if you can.
Un4givenOrc I'm glad to see TTT complete! However haven't played it yet.

I haven't been here for two years... so I don't remember if AI worked earlier on random maps :) At least there were no error messages.

Dwarven axe-throwers do not attack. Being more precise, I must say they can attack only units, not buildings. And after killing the enemy (or maybe after just one hit) they stop to fight again. I've also noticed axethrowers have no attack in the stat. The same thing happens to one of the dwarven heroes. Sorry, forgot his name.

By the way, new (for me) orcish farms are awesome!
I'm going to test both RM and campaign to find more issues. But it will take a long time...
JasperV Hi,
After I finish the scenario the taming of smeagol, I can't advance to the next scenario. The 2nd scenario just keeps restarting when I push the button next scenario. Can anyone help me? (Patch downloaded)
molefight i downloaded this and it says when i try to run unable to find splash resources idk wat that iiis
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