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Choose Your Mutation V2

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# of Players: 4 Humans, 3 Coms
Version: AoM: The Titans

Choose Your Mutation II

Fight your way through thousands of enemies to take back the empire, discover the evil plot of the Raiders' Leader, and mutate into hundreds of warriors! Choose Your Mutation II!

Features Include

  • Over 6000 enemies to kill

  • Over 200 Units to mutate into

  • 10 Tiers of mutations

  • Various puzzles to solve

  • Exciting Boss battles

  • To download: Unzip file into 'Scenario' in your AoM Directory

    Players 1-4 are humans, players 5-7 are coms, teams set in game, so don't worry about them.

    *Update* Enemy Units more balanced.

    AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design3.0
    Playability: 4
    Well, let's rate this ! I have played the game online after a few tries with the file's author and then played it over and over again, with never reaching the final boss. So all I am going to review here is from the first part of the map to the middle. Actually the playability was fine alot, nothing really complicated. It was like many other RPG games, you have a guy, you walk around killing stuff and doing some usual quests when they are, you probably get away for heal and you never get screwed. I'll just give it a 4 because in my opinion you could have add advanced things in the playability. Picking the next mutation is a bit hard, our old man never get to the right way and you have to walk through the selector to be able to see what you can pick. A hidden revealer would have been better, and you could hide next mutations by replacing the current units with a sign or something. The rest was fine.

    Balance: 2
    Omnomnom... Eating popcorn while we fight on easy, and then in Hard difficulty it's like OH MY GOD How can you even reach that ?! You may ask why am I putting this so low rate ? I will explain you everything, don't worry... First, the game is much harder or easier depending on how many players you are. With 2 players no matter the difficulty you pick, just being careful and doing the first part will allow you to be OP. With 4 players, in medium difficulty, the more you move on the more it gets harder, and then at the middle part difficulty has been set to impossible (so I don't wanna know how would it looks like in the harder difficulty). This is showing a very harsh challenge and the difficulty isn't really going with what we all think about it. Easy should've be easy, even in the final part. And hard should've be just hard, not that insane ! You could have added a equalizer which would have freed the game of this flaw, like if a mutant dies, others get some bonuses etc, especially as your map isn't really a RPG so it could've been fair.

    Creativity: 4
    Yes ! This deserves a 4 and I'll tell you why I put it a 4 and not a 5 ! First, this CYM is probably one of the best I've ever played. Challenging, not boring, different areas, different riddles to move on, it's just a revolution in the CYM games. Instead of all your predecessors that had a really bad eyecandy and creativity (you just move on and kill stuff), in this map you succeded in doing something different all over the game. Save your healers, find these relics to bring them on specific spot and open the gate, kill these secret lures to get a god power, don't go there or you'll die etc... That was actually what I was expected from a CYM. And now, there will be a "before", and an "after". If someone is hosting a mutation and not hosting this one, I won't actually join his game. This Mutation must be played by all the average players of AoM just to show what is actually a nicely made map (even if it's not the best).

    Map Design: 3
    I wanted to put a 5, then a 4, then I decided to slow down the rate and gave you a 3. When I was playing the average CYM maps on ESO, I always was like "Oh, another Mutation hosted... But wait, they have no eyecandy ! Oh nevermind, maybe this one has ? - joins - Fail...". They all haven't got any eyecandy. It was just a crappy linear way with hills and newbie forests around and you just had to go througout the lands, killing stuffs. These were really boring. Then I saw yours, and it was like a revelation. Finally a CYH has actually a decent eyecandy. This deserves a 5, but compared to many other maps, I think you could have add more details, rocks, trees, etc... The only thing enlarged was some walls and gates, it still was all cornered. Can't you guys imagine something to be like the real world ? With large valleys, huge mountains, larger and smaller trees, meandering rivers, cliffs... No, it was all still linear even if you tried to diversified. But it was nice, never the same landscape, always something new, and for this I will let you have a 3, not a 2 ;)

    Story/Instructions: 2
    What can I say more ? Nothing, nothing, and nothing. What the hell you guys have with that evil armies that spawns everywhere and kill everyone ? Can't you just build up a ****ing real storyline, with intrigue between power-hungry politicians or struggle of power between two bright and great nations ? With spies, assassins, messengers and many cooler stuff as bosses instead of enlarged god damn fire giants, guardians and all those stuffs that we've seen soooo many times on RPG. You know, it's kinda bored to always fight the same people in different scenarios. You go there and... Oh ! A Guardian. Kill it and... Oh ! Another guardian... And guess what comes next ? Please, please, please, if you are going to do a third one or just working on another RPG like game, try to make something original, I am (we are !) seriously getting bored of all these poseidon statues and gargarensis. Why do they always have to play the bad guys ? XD

    Additional Comments:
    In additional Comments i will say that it was a really bright map. Do not take my review personally, do not consider it offensive or too fussy, because all I gave you was hints, advice, tips. And this map was actually a really good map I really enjoyed it and I could play it over and over again just to reach the final boss and see how he looks like (hoping this is not Prometheus haha ! ^^). You just could have made something better than this I think with 3 or 4 weeks more. If I would have say one word about this game : It was FUN ! And i think this is the most important thing for a map maker to make people playing their map enjoying it and having fun during the play. You did a good job right here and I must say congratulations. This map is good, this map is fun, this map is just nice. Download it, host it, play it, and enjoy !


    [Edited on 05/05/11 @ 06:40 PM]

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    Map Design3.0
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