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Mechanical Titan

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Version: AoM: The Titans
First off special thanks to Emjer and his BCtool with out it this wouldent be possible .

I made this model a long time ago but because there was no Titan .brg to base it on the life bar was always at his knee,s I had almost given up on ever finishing it,but with the BCtool that is no longer a problem , so Im very proud to present MECHANICAL TITAN.

I feel this is the best thing Ive ever made , for a special attack he launches orbs from his head that open into Ball Droids and they fight alongs his side blasting his enemys with energy bolts,

This is also made to be added to my new Titan projest but it can be installed solo with no problems .

If you want to add this to my NEW TITAN PROJEECT you must first instal all 7 of the new Titan downloads , you need

NEW Titan Project vol 1
NEW Titan Project vol 2
NEW Titan Project vol 3
NEW Titan Project vol 4
NEW Titan Project vol 5
NEW Titan Project vol 6
New Titan Project singles Hel

install them all in order then you can install this , be sure to read the read me file first, this should be an easy install for anyone.

Also included is a Xpack langauge.dll file that includes all the Titan projects as well so no more *** in frount of the new units
I should also mention that MECHANICAL TITAN appears in the editer as Titan Machanical I did this so all the Titan would start with Titan just to make them easy to locate.

I hope to make more Titans soon so please comment and or review .

Thank you and enjoy
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Rating: 5
*thinks about something not cool to say*
nah, can't think of any :D

>This is a great mod, the model is simply amazing and flawless in every animation, it could very well be a real unit of the game and almost no one would notice that it was a mod(appart from the obvious theme)

>I like how every single animation is made, they all are glitchless as far as I can see and the textures are simply astonishing
>The sounds that the robot makes are also great, although earing the "Does not compute" almost every single time we tell him to walk gets annoying after some time, it is no more annoying than the sound every other unit makes.

Even if I wanted to, I couldnt give it a score any lower than 5*
Congratz on the great mod :D
Additional Comments:
It would be nice if a little spark was made on the head when he releases the droids, but its just a small thing, nothing to worry about :)
Is that an Isis sneak peak on the Cinematic Animations? :P

Looking forward for your future titans :D

After looking at the protox, I noticed you have tons of Titans on the Damage Bonus, I understand that this is for all your other Titans, but couldnt you just use 'AbstractTitan' and give the DamageBonus to every Titan that have that flag?

[Edited on 04/03/11 @ 06:16 PM]

File Author

Thanks for the wonderful review, Im glad you liked it , It was truly alot of work.

I know what you mean about the "does not compute" sound effect some times it will do it over and over again , it has 3 acknowledge sounds but I guess I could set it up so it uses the "does not compute" one less by adding more sound slots in the soundsets-xpack then it will use the other 2 sounds more offten.

I might be able to add sparks or a puff of smoke when he launches the ball droids ill have to see what I can do about that ,I wanted a good sound effect for it but I still havent found one yet.

the damage bonus are different form one Titan to the next depending one what Titan is fighting vs each other , it was hard to get them all closely matched , I had to do alot of play testing , its mainly do to the units the Titans summon that are different for each Titan .

No sneak peak for Isis , that shouldent have been there , that was in fact just my old version of Isis form my NEW TITAN PROJECT vol 2
and its just the Gaia model , But I do have a new Isis Im working on with a new model , she has an Egyption headdress and she has a staff in her left hand , I hope to finish it soom the model is done so it may not be too far off.
but I think I might work on Poseidon next , I still need to finish the texture but the model is ready for animations.
TheLastHope I see, the reason I did that comment on the ammount of damagebonus was because I still don't have ur other Titans, I'll check them out tomorrow.

The effect/sound when releasing the drones is really just a small detail, I just mentioned it as a personal opinion :)

Heh, I was kinda expecting that from the Isis animation, anywhere we can see the current process of your other titans?

Again, congratz on a mod well done :)
File Author
My other Titans Are pretty cool but when I made them I wasent able to make new models so they were all based os other units ,but some of them I realy like .I may make new models for some of them , Bast for instance Id like to give her a cats head instead of a cat textured face ,Im open to sugestions on what would improve the others.

but as far as the Titans Im working on now this is Posiedon.


Before you ask its not the posiedon statue model , I found it when I was going through the models bar , I beleave it was going to be one of the opening movies for the game , it had posiedon statue fighing a cyclops and a hero ,the statue crumbles into the ground , ive never seen this animation in the game intro I guess they decided not to use it, but I was able to extract to base model from it, as you can see it will make an awsome Titan its a very detailed model. my texture is not done yet but you can see what I have so far from the pic above.

and this is Isis


this is based on Gaia , unlike the other Titans in game Gaia has two .brg animations her birth and death so I was able to extract the base gaia model from that, The other Titan animations are all .grn files and we have no way of opening them , but the problem with having the base model only is having to make a skeleton for the models and make all the animations , its realy alot of work , any way you can see where I added the headdress and staff to her , I think shes coming along nicly.

any way one of the two will be my next Titan Im leaning toward posiedon but I havent decided on what special power to give him yet , maybe summon water elementals .
TheLastHope both of them look amazing :D

I have a suggestion for the Poseidon special attack, how about this: He sticks his trident on the ground(with the fork side down) and a huge water wave is created and pushes units back? Something along the lines of Heka Gigantes special attack, but stronger(pushes units further and stuns?) and uses a wave instead of a shockwave?

[Edited on 04/04/11 @ 07:34 AM]

File Author
That would be cool but I dont think its possable to change the effects on the buckattack , it has no anim file , you might be able to change the texture of it but I dont think that would give the desired effect. what I could do is something like what I did for Skadi ,she summons ice clouds that freeze units ,so I could make a wave unit by using a splash effect and give it an attack like hecka then he could summon them for his special attack ,Id make the waves unselectable with a short lifespan that might look cool Ill have to give it a test run.
TheLastHope yeah, I'm still a newbie at aom modding, so idk where we are limited in terms of modeling and anims :/

yeah, that would probably work, I still haven't seen ur other titans as I'm at Univ. atm, so I'll only be able to check them out later today
mgs15 Hey! Thanks for making a mechanical Titan--- I have always dreamed of a mechanical unit because I'm a big fan of the Terminator series. Although this is a Titan and does not exactly look like a Terminator's endoskeleton, I could say you still made me happy because your mod has partially granted my wish... For now, I'll just have to download...
Rating: 5
As I've said earlier, I am dreaming for a mechanical unit which would remind me about my favorite movie, the Terminator. If I would give you a score lower than 5 just because you did not make a unit which is exactly identical to the Terminator, then my review won't be subjective. I graded your mod, first based on its quality--- the animation and the appearance, and secondly as I've mentioned on my earlier comment, you partially granted my wish by providing a mechanical unit.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work! You're good at making new units. I guess you have all what it takes to make the unit of my dreams (a Terminator endoskeleton unit) but of course I would not force you to do so... But if you're interested I'll give you the full details on how it would look like. Anyways, good luck on your future mods!
TheLastHope btw crazydragon, anyway I can have some way to contact you instead of having to spam on the comments?

[Edited on 04/04/11 @ 01:36 PM]

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