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Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM


Current Releases:
Date: 25/05/2011 (American: 05/25/2011)
Age of Mythology: Version 1.1
Titans Expansion: Version 3.0

Feature List:
1. SameGen Map (get to know this map very quickly).
2. 2-8 Players.
3. Plenty Vault found in the centre of the map. This can be changed to either 4 Gold mines (AoM) or a Herperides Tree (AoM:TT).
4. Dynamic settlements based on players.
5. Easily has map specific strategies.
6. Able to support an extra 50 population.
If playing AoM:TT/Chocolate:
7. Atty able to support an extra 60 population.
8. AI Help. AI is given buffs to be made harder! (AOM/AOMX AI, Admiral/Admiral X AI and Nonecta AI).
9. Specific plugin for Nonecta AI.

- Added and moved some code around internally.
- Added Team/Player relations, this is used in Advanced Settlement Placement.
- Completely revamped the placement of Players (if QuickTeamBootUp is set to false). Added more placement variants and reduced the size of the code. This allows for much more Player/Team combinations (not all are supported, do not go over 3 teams) and decreased placement time.
- Resized the Forests and built in auto-backups so that the main 6 Inner forests should always place. Loading time may be increased slightly.
- Increased the amount of embellishment objects in the centre.
- Modified ExtraGold so that if set to true, more gold is always added even on <5 player maps.
- Changed the 2 MiddleBonusVault options back to the original Plenty Vault or Herperides Tree, removing the option for the extra 4 Gold Mines.

Repository follows most of the same conventions as Exile. 2-8 players inclusive, any more/less and the map fails to load. Repository is another remake of a Halo Wars map, Repository Vanilla is made for AoM and Repository Chocolate is made for AoM:TT. Repository is a luscious landscape that houses everlasting wealth. Coupled with the fact that you may build 5 more houses and 4 more manors (in chocolate) - you've got yourself a recipe for a good time with some epic battles. Also found in Chocolate is the AI help. This feature provides the AI with constant help every 2.5 minutes as well as some aid at the 5 minutes mark. You can turn this feature off as well (rather easily too - open up the file and instructions are right there).

The middle of the map contains a Plenty Vault, along with 4 (mostly) unobtainable relics and 4 large gold mines. Gold is not scarce but it is not found near bases after the initial gold is depleted. This makes securing an outside or inside settlement even more vital.

+Bill Wolpert
+DGDN Crew

Special Thanks to Mythic_Freak:
For his undieing generousity
for me helping out with various
things that I didn't know how
to do.

Special Thanks to Invent00r:
For helping write Master XS.
Without the time and effort
put into writing it, this map
would not have been made.

Special Thanks to M0nty_Pyth0n:
For unkowingly helping me to
understand how to cast god
powers without using vectors.
And for his guide on RMS's.

Special Thanks to Bill Wolpert:
For coding write Beach Battles
TT. Helping me understand some
stuff when I hit a block and
inspiring me to code a sick RMS.

Special Thanks to DGDN Crew:
For being awesome, always.
Especially Cat, who's always
around for laughs and good
chats. Get well soon!




Halo Wars Original Map:
Halo Wars Map
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aom expert
Khan and Steak!!! Where've you been?!!! Nice to hear from you again bro! I'll check this out.
dmetrosuper lets see
Khan And Steak
File Author
Yeah it's been some time huh? Glad to know some people have missed us :) ~ Khan

Update 2.7 coming soon.

[Edited on 05/30/11 @ 10:55 PM]

Cloud 008 well let me say i was NEVER a fan of Halo wars i personally think it ruined halo's Good name(but wait this is AOM Heaven right? not halo heaven so moving on)but this map... this map right here....is the map i have been dreaming of defensive yet Not defensive i used to like acropolis but This map through it out i used to play TOS Strong hold(mod on here)but that's too defensive for me thank you Khan thank you SOO much for this map!!!!!!!(ps: how do you upload maps made on editor? just curious?)
Khan And Steak
File Author
@ Cloud 008,
Thanks for your comment, this map was great fun to code and I am glad that there are people that still enjoy playing it.

To upload a file, click "Single Player Scenarios" under "Browse Categories", then on the side click the button that is titled "submit file". Follow the prompts from there :) ~ Khan
Cloud 008 NP guys but hey i have an idea for a map and im pretty bad at makin maps and i think you would do Realy good at it make a Acropolis type map but make the plateaus you start on an island with 1 entrance to a Large Sea with a center island and there be resouce drops every min or so to compinsate for the lack of resources. Just a sugestion
Khan And Steak
File Author
Nice idea Cloud 008, next time I make a couple of maps I may create one just like that. Call it CloudLand or something :) ~ Steak
Cloud 008 Has a nice ring to it haha that would be pretty cool have a map named after me haha well guys keep up the good work :)
ivandres23 How do we install the map?
Khan And Steak
File Author
Go to this link for installation help:

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