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Age of Mythology - the latest in games that the award-winning gaming corporation, Ensemble Studios, has designed - Is based on the three mythologies of Greece, Egypt and the Norse. Featuring Gods that give special powers to each player, units that have special attacks and are based off of mythological beasts, and tons of other features, Age of Mythology is an excellent Real Time Strategy Game with superb qualities.

Listed below, you will find the features of Age of Mythology, (known as AoM, respectively), information on the three cultures: Greek, Egyptian and Norse, and even concise articles on certain features of AoM.

The following sections have been updated for Age of Mythology: The Titans: Hotkeys and Cheats. For more on Age of Mythology: The Titans, visit the Titan's Expansion Pack Central.

Unit Guide Unit Guide
In this section, you can find all the latest information on the units in AoM, including detailed notes on each of them.

Buildings Guide Buildings Guide
In here you can find information on the buildings in AoM, ranging from what units they create, technologies they research, and much more.

Civilizations Civilizations
Wondering what civilizations are in AoM? Curious as to what bonuses each God has? Well, you have come to the right place... Here you may find the information you are looking for.

God Powers God Powers
Curious as to what each God Power in AoM does? Then don't hesitate to come into this section.

Relic Guide Relic Guide
Do you have questions on what each Relics does? Or are you curious about detailed information on each one? This section will help answer those questions for you.

Random Maps Random Maps
Would you like to know more about Vinlandsaga, Mediterranean or the countless other random maps in AoM? Well, in here you will find information on each, and perhaps even a general strategy or two.

How it Works How it Works - With AoM
Are Looking for guides to help you increase your economic efficiency and perhaps enhance your micromanagement in AoM, among other improvements? If so, check them out within here.

Age of Mythology Tables Age of Mythology Tables
Interested in the 'behind the scenes' information of AoM, including build rates, unit tables, building tables, technology tables, gathering rates, among others? Then this place will benefit you.

Hotkeys Hotkeys
Have you been dying for a printable version of the default hotkeys list for AoM? Curious as to what each key does? In this section you can find answers to both of those questions, and likely much more.

Cheats Cheats
Within this section, you will find cheats ranging from the common 'Add 1000 food' to even the odd, yet respected Flying Purple Hippo unit.

Mythology Articles Mythology Articles
Are you left wondering who exactly the Gods in AoM are, or what they did? In here, you will find fan compositions on all sorts of mythology topics dealing with AoM. Although some may be fairly long, they prove to be excellent articles for those long and dreary nights.