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Want to learn a little more about Greek, Norse, Egyptian or even Atlantean mythology? Here in the articles section you can find some insight into the fascinating depth of these four cultures, and their tales and myths.

Looking to contribute a mythological article to this section? We'll add your article if it is original and explores the myths of any of the three cultures in AoM, or the Atlanteans of AoM:TT. Try and keep the article in the form of of an attached .doc (for Word 6.0) or .txt file. This makes reviewing submissions a lot easier! Also be sure to include details such as title, author, and short description in the email. Send your article to the Seraph.

Gods & Heroes

Amon Re - Uilleam Micheal Stiubhart
Odin - Crowsong
Loki - Tyr
Thor - Tyr
Freyr and Freyja - Cloudchaser_Eagle
Tartarus - Tartarus
Norse Minor Gods - The Fenris Wolf


Creatures of Greek Mythology - TheShadowDawn & Fenris Wolf
Creatures of Norse Mythology - TheShadowDawn & Fenris Wolf

Creation Stories

Egyptian Creation Myth - Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart
Greek Creation Myth
- Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart
Norse Creation Myth - Uilleam Micheal Stiubhart
Ragnarok - Cloudchaser_Eagle
The Nine Worlds and Their Inhabitants - Tyr

Rising of a Hero Contest Winners

First Place: The Saga of Svear - King Barbarossa
Second Place: Ammon and Nuru - Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart.