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The Macrocosm

- by Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart

Have you ever wondered how you came here? Have you ever wondered where the sun comes from? How did you get here? How did that annoying neighbor of yours? Mankind has always wondered, and here is the Egyptian version of the story of Creation.


Long ago, before the Phaorohs, before the people, before the Nile flooded every year, before Khemet, there was nothing but the Nun, the great celestial body of unmanifested life, the great ocean. There was no light, for the nighttime sky bore no stars. In the great waters were eight dieties: the Ogdoad. There were two of the the watery Abyss, Nun and Nunet, two of Infinite Space, Heh and Hehet, Kek and Keket of Darkness, and Amon and Amonet, dieties of the Invisible. Amongst them was the Egg that incubated the Almighty Khepera.

Within time, the egg hatched. It divided the world in two with it's shell and out of it came a single, blue lotus flower upon which sat the most handsome man ever, the Almighty Khepera, the Creator, Amon-Re. 'Gainst his lips he pressed a single finger in Silence. He rose up from the Lotus Petal and light streamed forth from his body. He banished darkness, whereupon he uttered the first word: "Thoth". The word manifested as an actual God, the Logos and Wisdom of Amon-Re.

Amon-Re created an island upon which he would rest. He soon grew lonely and longed for others to join him. Thus, he began creating the Universe. He placed the primordial gods, the Ogdoad, in their place, creating the Universe. And then he crated the Ptah, the Architecht of all things living and unliving, of all the Universe. Afterwhich he created the Goddess Maat, of Truth, Justice, and Duality. Duality is the Rule of the Universe. Thoth took her as his wife.

Shu and Tefnut, the God of Air and Goddess of Water, respectively, were the next created. However, they were quickly lost in the waters of the Abyss. Thus, Amon-Re took out his eye and endowed it with his own power. The eye was named Hathor. She became Goddess of the Sky. She went down into the Abyss and found Shu and Tefnut, and brought them back to their father. Amon-Re set the eye upon his brow as the Great Serpent, the Uraeus Serpent. She would forever have power over Re's enemies. In time, Shu and Tefnut fell in love and had twins, eldest of which was Geb, God of the Earth. The youngest was Nub, Goddess of the Heavens. Re took Nub to be his wife, but she incestfully yearned towards her brother Geb. The Earth and the Sky, enraptured in love, brought chaos to the world, as if the sky were falling to the earth or the earth were rising to the sky.

Obliviously, Re stumbled upon this unholy union. Enraged that his wife would be unfaithful, seperated the lovers by force and put Shu inbetween them. Thus did Air come to reside between the Earth and the Sky. Moreover, Nub was empregnated by the union with Geb, and Re decreed that the child should never see the light of day, but reside within the womb forever. Nub bemoaned the fate of her Lover and Unborn children. Thoth heard the tears of mournful Nub, comforted her, and dried her tears. Then, he, being God of Wisdom, knew a plan of which he could have her children born. He made a bet with the Moon Goddess, Silene, whose light then rivaled the sun. Thoth bet her a seventieth part of her life for every day of the year. He easily won, and by amaglamating his light added five days to the end of the Lunar Calender, days which did not rest within the year. Since these days did not belong to the regular year, Nut was able to bear children on them.

Her first child was Osiris. When he came into the world, a great voice announced that the Lord of All Creation had been birthed. On the second day was born the Great Elder Horus, whose eyes were the sun and the moon. On the third day was born dark Set, Lord of War and the Great Desert. Upon the fourth day was birthed Isis, goddess of Love, Magic, and Wisdom. Osiris took her as his wife and great love grew betwixt them. On the fifth day, Isis' beloved sister Nephthys was born. She was the Darker aspect of her sister. Set became her husband, but Nephthys and he never loved one another, as Nephthys stayed loyal to her sister Isis.

These were the Great Shining Ones, the Company of the Gods of Annu. They are the Ennead, the Great Company of Gods. Re, his Children, and his Grandchildren. Many other gods were created by Amon, and he filled the sky above and the abyss below with spirits, demons, and lesser dieties. The last creation of Amon-Re were Humanity and all the creatures of Earth. He fashioned them on his potters wheel and breathed into them life. He created a place of plenty for them to dwell in, Egypt, the Kingdom of Khemet. He protected Khemet with great barriers of desert; he created the Nile as a source of fertility. He created other countries and gave them a great Nile in the sky that rained so the people of the other countries would have plenty as well. Each day Re walks through his kingdom, or sails through it in his Barque of Eternity. To restrain the forces of evil and carnage, he created kingship. He established himself as the first and greatest king of Khemet. He ruled for many centuries in peace.

Alas, every evening the Lotus from which Re was born closes it's petals and it sinks down into the waters of the Great Abyss. Darkness blankets the world throughout the night until Re is rebirthed from the Locus. However, Evil was not conquered in creation. It stand poised around the earth, as a serpent to attack. The war between darkness and light sustains the world, and when the battle is over, when the war is at a final end, so too will come the Earth, following as always in the wake of the Gods.


If you ever wondered why you are who you are, why the sun sets, why the moon rises, and how Earth became... know that you are not alone, for people always questioned creation. All mankind has done so. Throughout history mankind has tried to explian creation through Myth. And now you know one of those mythes...
The Egyptian Creation Myth.