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- by Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart

Have you ever wondered how you came here? Have you ever wondered where the sun comes
from? How did you get here? How did that annoying neighbor of yours? Mankind has always
wondered, and here is the Greek version of the story of Creation.

Before the military of Sparta, before the democracy that was Athens, before the wealth
that made Corinth, there was nothing. Nothing existed, nothing at all. This was called Chaos. A
Void, infinite, omnipresent, all consuming it was. From Chaos came the five primeval elements.
Gaia, Mother Earth; Tartarus, the Underworld deep within the Earth; Erebus, the Darkness of the
realm of Tartarus; Eros, the mystical Power of love. Nyx, what shrouds the world when the sun
has gone from whence it came, though at this point in time no Sun existed. Nyx was the most
powerful of the elemental spirits, for even the Gods worshiped her. She had power over men and
Nyx gave birth to Hemera, the Day, to Ether, and to Doom, Death, Deceit, Discord, and
Misery. Moreover, Discord gave birth to Crime, Battle, Murder, and Slaughter. Gaia gave birth to
the Powers of Earth. First came Uranus, the Father Sky. Then out of the womb burst forth
Pontus, the Ocean. Together, they formed the whole of the earth. Gaia nourished all that came
from her. However, Gaia's child Uranus was not her subordinate. In fact, he was her equal, her
husband, and her partner as caretaker of the world. Together, the two had many children.
The first of the litters of monsters from the couple were fifty headed, hundred armed
monstrous beasts. There were three of these creatures. Following this, Gaia gave birth to three
Cyclopes. First was Arges, the Cyclops of Brightness, Brontes, the Cyclops of Thunder, and
Steropes, the Cyclops of Lightning. These monsters three were bestial, strength massive and
savagery surpassing any beast. And yet they were skilled in stone masonry, for they built the
walls of Mycenae, and the fortress of Tyrins. Gaia gave birth to many more children, most of
which were monsters, though some were not as beastly as her original offspring. Some were
nymphs, beauteous to look at, like Daphne, one of Gaia's daughters.
The most important of all of Gaia's scions, though, were the Titans. Oceanus, god of the
Sea, brother and husband of Tethis; Hyperion, god of the Sun, brother and wife to Theia; Themis
and Rhea, the two goddess of the Earth; Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory; and finally Cronus,
hater of his father Uranus. Cronus was the brightest, the strongest, and the most courageous of all
the Titans. Gaia and Uranus' marriage was doomed because of this, for Uranus believed one of
his children would attempt a coup d'‚tat and dethrone him.
And so, Uranus forced all of the Titans back into Gaia's womb. This was pain unbearable
on more than one level, for it hurt her emotionally and physically. Gaia was a caring and loving
creature, and loved all that she created. She hated to see her children locked up. It hurt her
physically, for it was as if you were to take a child of ten years and put him back inside his
mother. The excruciating pain brewed an anger and an hatred inside Gaia.
The monsters of the hundred heads were banished to the darkest place in Tartarus, and the
Cyclopes were locked away in Mount Etna were their screams of agony and despair caused
horrible eruptions.
Gaia, in her desperation, beseeched her children kill Uranus, to break free from his
tyranny. Only little Cronus stepped forward and was brave enough to fight his tyrannical father.
Gaia gave him a sickle with which to attack and kill Uranus. The children of Gaia thought of a
plan for an ambuscade.
Later that eve, Uranus tried to make love with his wife. However, during this, Cronus cut
him to pieces, and scattered them across the earth. [Author's Note: In the more true-to-the-
original version of this myth, Uranus was castrated. I have, for obvious reasons, left this out.]
From one of the pieces of Uranus, which landed in the sea, birthed Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.
From Uranus' blood also came many other mythical beasts.
Cronus then took his place as Supreme Ruler of the Gods. Gaia became a councillor to
the Gods from thereon. Cronus was paranoid, as was his father, and refused to set his Gaia's
monster children free. He and the Titans ruled. He married Rhea, though, and from that union
came six children. Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, and Zeus were the children's names.
Gaia had warned Cronus that his son would one day make a coup d'‚tat as Cronus had
done before, and a new pantheon of Gods would be made. Cronus therefore ate all his children
right after birth. Rhea, like her mother Gaia, was a loving Goddess and wished to have her
children live. It pained her to see the die. So she and Gaia concocted a plan.
Zeus, the youngest God, was born. Rhea wrapped a large rock in a blanket and gave it to
Cronus instead of Zeus. Gaia hid the youth away in the mountain of Dicte, on the isle of Crete.
There he was raised and weaned on milk and honey by the goat-nymph Amaltheia, who Zeus
later made into the constellation Capricorn. He was educated by the half-goat half-man flute
playing forest god, Pan. When Zeus learned of whence he came and what had happened to his
brothers and sisters, and of Cronus' attempted murder of Zeus, the God became angry. He swore
war on the Titans.
Zeus married Metis, a wise nymph who fed Cronus a special potion which caused him to
vomit out all of the children, including the stone. The young Gods were none too pleased. They
all joined forces with Zeus to bring the Titans down low, and crush their power.
Zeus was still na‹ve. He thought that he could win quickly and easily as Cronus had
'gainst Uranus. But it is not always so simple. Cronus refused to recognize Zeus' claim, and
called the Titan's together to fight with him. Thus began the ten year long war called
The Gods placed their headquarters at Mount Olympus, whilst the Titans entrenched
themselves and their children at Mount Othrys. Zeus went out a limb, taking heavy chances and
freeing the bestial Cyclopes, on the condition that they would make weapons for the Gods. They
made for Hades a Helmet of Invisibility, for Poseidon, a Trident, and Lightning for Zeus. Zeus
also freed the hundred handed giants, whose hundred hands made them expert rock throwers.
This also gained the trust of Gaia, who then talked several Titans into recognizing Zeus. The
majority sided with Cronus, though.
The Titans made Atlas, one of the children of the original Titans, their commander and
under him they began the ferocious Titanomachy.
In the beginning, the Titans were losing, mostly due to the lightning flashes of Zeus.
However, the Titans were fighting back fiercely and nearly gained the upper-hand. But at last, the
Gods drove them to Othrys and besieged it. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon came up with a plan.
Hades, aided by his mystic helmet, would invade the mountain and steal Cronus' weapons.
Afterwards, Poseidon would attack Cronus with his trident, thus giving Zeus an opening to attack
with his lightning bolts. Moreover, the other Titans would be unable to help because they would
be showered with rocks from the Giants with one hundred hands. Their plan succeeded, and they
imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus, and forced Atlas to carry the sky on his shoulders forevermore.
However, later on, Zeus pardoned the Titans, who thereafter lived on the Island of Elysian, where
they lived in harmony with the best of the deceased humans.
Zeus was yet to cement his claim as supreme ruler as yet, though. Gaia may have
originally sided with the Thunder God, but later on she removed her support in light of Zeus'
arrogance. She encouraged the monsters borne of the blood of Uranus to do battle against Zeus,
and thus began the war of the Giantomachy. They threw boulders and burning trees at the Gods,
who were assisted by their children: Ares, Athena, Hermes, Apollo, and Artemis. Zeus finally
won, but he was still not supreme ruler. Gaia was still enraged.
She encouraged the monster borne of Uranus Typhon to do battle with Zeus. Zeus
decided to go alone and duel with the beast. Typhon had snakes for legs, one hundred dragon
heads, and one hundred hands. The series of battles they fought were so deadly and horrible that
it caused the very Titans to shiver and quake with awe and fear. Finally, Typhon tore out Zeus'
tendons and threw them about. Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, captured them all and
replaced them into Zeus' paralyzed body. Thereafter he defeated Typhon in one more battle, and
killed it under Mount Etna.
After solidifying his power, Zeus divided the world between himself and his brothers.
Zeus received as his dominion the Sky and the Land, Poseidon obtained the Sea, and Hades was
placed in the Underworld. Now, after years of the earth having no ruler whilst the Titans were
imprisoned, the universe was in order and the world was 'gain under the Dominion of the Gods,
a new set of Gods called the Olympians.

If you ever wondered why you are who you are, why the sun sets, why the moon rises, and how
Earth became... know that you are not alone, for people always questioned creation. All mankind
has done so. Throughout history mankind has tried to explain creation through Myth. And now
you know one of those myths...
The Greek Creation Myth.