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Norse Minor Gods

- by The Fenris Wolf

[ Forseti | Braki | Skadi | Baldr | Tyr | Heimdall | Njord | Hel ]


Forseti is the son of Baldr and Nanna. He is the God of Justice/Law. His home is Glitnir, a beautiful palace with a silver roof and pillars of gold, where all legal problems were dissolved, and he would sit and listen to all the disputes of men and gods alike, and always make a fair verdict. He was very Popular on the island of Friesland. He also solved legal disputes for the Elves, who in return made a sword for him, which never lost it sharpness. It was used in his court, to secure the verdict, and “Cut the lie from his(the accused and witnesses) face”. The Keeper of the Sword was Called Magda.
In one story with Forseti, Magda is the main Character.
Magda was the best of the magistrates in Forsetis court. He was the one who got Forsetis sword from the Elves, by being the first human to council them. He was so talented that it was almost certain that he would become the right hand of Forseti. In the meantime he watched over Forsetis blade.
Then there was another man, called Groin. He was a great at speeches. He wanted to be next to Forseti, but he used tricks and scams to climb his way up. At last he became the right hand of Magda. It seemed that Magda was close to becoming the right hand of Forseti at this time. But as time went, Groin became increasingly inpatient, Magda looked like he hadn’t aged a day, and that further enraged Groin. Groin started to work out a plan to get rid of Magda, so he asked magda, why he looked like he hadn’t aged a bit. Magda told him that Forseti made it sure that no keeper of his sword shall die from age. Magda also said that the Elves, made sure that Magda only could by killed when a puzzle was solved. Groin, being the great talker that he was persuaded Magda to tell the riddle. Magda told: “only when I’m not in neither out, Neither walking nor riding, and a knife that took a month of Sundays to make, then I can be hurt”.
Groin started to smith the sword, and after he had done that, he began to think out a way to unsolve the riddle. After a some time, he finally found out how to kill Magda. It was when Magda stepped up from a bath onto a Ox, with one foot in the water and another on the Ox, that’s when Groin striked. Magda turned to a Eagle and flew away. Now Groin was made the Keeper of the sword. But Groin was so scared and nervous about what had happened to Magda, that he refused to touch the sword. The Eagle meanwhile was found by a Woodsman, Who had the magic to return the Eagle to Magda, They became good friends and would talk long discussions with each other. After a year the woodsman thought it was time for Magda to return to the Magistrate, and they got on their way. Strangely the Woodsman got him and Magda pass the guards, and when Groin saw that Magda was coming he tried to hide, but Magda saw him and summoned the mighty sword and cut Groin in half. The Woodsman now revealed himself as Forseti, cursing groin to torture in Hel. Now Magda had shown himself Worthy to sit by Forseti in Glitnir.


God of Poets (Skalds), Son of Odin and Gunnlod (a beautiful Giantess, that Odin meets in his search for the Magic mead made of Kvasir, The all-knowing). He discovered that he had the most Beautiful voice of The Nine Worlds, and Recieved a Harp By the Dwars. He travelled away from his birthplace (the Mountain where the mead was stored) and his mother gunnlod, through the underworld Rivers on his ship, and sets out to Asgaard. All the way he sings with his beautiful Voice and plays on his harp, Which Prevents Anything bad to happen to him. As he walked through the woods he meet Idunn(Keeper of the apples of youth) and they fell in love. After they had Married, they headed for Asgaard, There he was greeted by Odin who was impressed with his Wonderful Voice, and allowed Him to take a Big Deal of the Magic Mead, Thus making him the Great Poet that he is. Odin inscribed Magic Runes on his Tongue.
Said also to have silver tongue, Because he was such a great Poet. He also had a long beard. Greeted the Einherjar (Dead Heroes who died on the battlefield and resided in Valhalla), when they arrived at Valhalla. Said to inspire Poetry in Humans by allowing them to drink the “Mead of Poetry”.
At the feast that was held at Aegirs palace after the death of Baldr, Loki accused Bragi of being a coward. Bragi responded, that if they weren’t Aegirs sacred hall, he would behead him.
Some think that Bragi is the poetic side of Odin, others think that he was a ninth century poet called Bragi Boddason, who was lifted to the status of a Aesir.
He didn’t survive Ragnarok.


A frost Giantess, she was the Goddess of the Hunt, Snow shoes and skis, She also Represented the harsh northern Winter. Her father was the Giant Thiazi. Thiazi was killed by the Aesir for Kidnapping Idunn and the Apples of Wisdom. Skadi swore revenge and headed for asgaard. But to appease her, the Aesir offered her to marry one of them, but she was only allowed to see the Feet of the would-be Husband. She thought she saw the best looking pair, in hope that it was Baldr (God of beauty), but it turned out to be Njord, God of the winds and sea, He was an older god. Skadi also demanded that the Aeisir made her laugh, which Loki made her do, by tying a rope to Njords Testikels at one end and the other end to a Goat. And either Odin or Thor threw her fathers eyes in the sky , making them Stars.
Skadi and Njord weren’t happy though. Skadi wanted to live in Thrymheim, which lies in the mountains of Jotunheim. Njord preferred to live by the Sea and Coast, at his place which was called Noatun. They Stayed at one of the homes 9 days, and then switched. None of them liked the others home, and they divorced.
After the divorce with Njord she married Ull (winter god of agriculture and Duels, and a good archer and skier), and later she had several Flirts with Odin.
Skadi Places the snake that drips Venom on Lokis Head, When the Aesir tied Him to the three large rocks, so he could be no more Trouble, after he had caused the death of Baldr.


Baldr is the God of Light, Purity and Beauty. Son of Odin and Frigg. Married to Nanna. His son was Forseti (God of justice). His home is Breidablik, a beautiful hall with gold pillars and a Roof made of Silver.
One day Baldr started having nightmares about his death. Odin rode on Sleipner to Niflheim and Hel to find out what the dream meant. He found out that Baldr was going to be killed by his blind brother Hod, and that preparations for his Arrival were already in progress in Niflheim. As a counter Measure Frigg got all things in the World to promise not to kill him, Metals, Poisons, animals. all promised. She just didn’t ask one thing, the mistletoe, as she thought it was to young for a Oath. Loki Got knowledge of this because he disguised himself as an old women, and asked Frigg. He was Jealous of Baldr, and wanted his death.
Because Baldr was immune to Sword blows, Arrows and axes, and all Other weapons. The Aesir Tested their weapons on Him, and had a lot of fun doing it. Loki made a dart/arrow of Mistletoe, and gave it to the blind Hod. Loki convinced Hod that he also should have some fun. Hod threw it at Balr, who was struck in the heart and died. Odin sent his other son Hermod to Niflheim to ask Hel, what could be done to free Baldr. Hel said that if all living things would weep for Baldr, then she would free him. Everything wept, except a Giantess called Thokk, (who was Loki in disguise), So Baldr remained in Niflheim. Nanna died right after of a broken heart.
Baldr and Nanna were Put on the Boat Ringhorn, with all their belongings. the boat was put on fire and Pushed out towards the Ocean by the giantess Hyrrokin. At the funeral, Thor became so mad that he kicked a dwarf called Lit into the fire.
After Ragnarok, Which Both Baldr and Hod survives, they come back from Niflheim, ready to help out the people of the new World.


Tyr was a god of War, so was Odin, who may be the father of Tyr, but it could also be the giant Hymir who was his father. He is brave and rewards the brave, and helps the daring in War. His attribute was the Spear, which he used as weapon and as Symbol of Justice. He was also the protector of the “Ting”, a Type of Government, that makes different legal decisions.
He only had one hand, because when the Aesir needed to tie up the giant wolf Fenrir, who had broken two earlier ropes, and boasted that there was no rope strong enough to tie him up. At the third rope(which was made by dwarfs) the wolf got suspicious and requested that a Aesir should put his hand in his mouth (in case that the wolf couldn’t escape his bonds). Tyr was the only one brave enough to put his right hand in the mouth of the wolf. He used the right hand as it was a symbol that you weren’t bearing Arms, meaning you had no bad intentions. After the Wolf realised that it couldn’t escape the rope, it bit Tyrs Right hand of.
The Day Tuesday is named after him.
At Ragnarok Tyr Battles the Hell-Hound Garm, and they kill each other.
Tyr may even have featured in the Norse/Germanic religion before Odin himself, he is thought of as being the original war god, but was replaced when Odin came to power. In Germanic he was called Tiwaz, Tiu, Tig or Tiv.
Tyr was widely worshipped in Denmark, as many places are named after him such as: Tissø, Tisvilde, Tirslunde, Tistrup and Tirstrup.


Heimdall is also a God of Light like Baldr. He was the Watchman of Bifrost, the rainbrow bridge between Asgaard (realm of the Aesir) and Midgaard (realm of Humans). He guarded Asgaard against the Jotuns, Trolls and other demonic beings. His mothers were the 9 Daughters of the sea god Aegir and his wife Ran, they represented the waves, there names were: Angeya, Atla, Eistla, Eyrgjafa, Gjalp, Greip, Iarnsaxe, Imd and Ulfrun. No one is specified as his father, But most likely it was Odin. He was born at the end of the World and was nurtured by the Earth, Sea water and the Blood of a Boar, which is said to have caused him to grow to at amazing speed. Heimdall resides in the halls of Himinbjorg. He had teeth of Gold. His Horse is called Gulltop, probably meaning it had Golden hair. Almost all of his belongings were made of Gold, Suggesting that he was a Sun or Summer God associated with Light and all warm and hot. One of his other attributes is his horn, The Gjallerhorn, Which was stored under Yggdrasil (the World tree), and could be heard all over the nine worlds.
He could see a 100 miles both night and day, required as much sleep as a bird. He has such a good hearing, that he hears the grass grow on the earth, and the wool on a sheep. This Helped him catch Loki when he was about to steal Freya’s Necklace.
His credited for being the creator of the humans and their 3 classes with 3 mortal women; Workers, that he created with Edda. The Farmers he created with Amma. And the Jarls or rulers he created with Modir.
He signals the Beginning of Ragnarok with his Gjallerhorn. At Ragnarok he and Loki (the old rivals, Light and Dark) are the last to battle, ending in them both, killing each other.


God of the Winds and sea, Sometimes also a Fire god. He was a more gentle sea god as opposed to Aegir, who made made the huge storms and waves. This made him a good friend of the Fishermen, and they especially worshipped him, so that he would bless and protect them on their voyages. He also bestowed wealth on humans and brought good luck to a buisness.
He was married to the Giantess Skadi, because she had picked him for his beautiful feet. But they divorced, because they couldn’t figure out where they should live, Njords place by the sea called Noatun or skadis place in the frosty mountains of Jotunheim called Thrymheim. Njord had two children with his own twin sister, nerthus. They were Frey and freya.Some say that Nerthus was not his sister, but the feminine side of Njord.
After the war of the Aesir (war Gods) and the Vanir (fertility Gods), which was triggered because the Aesir killed a greedy Vanir. The two sides couldn’t defeat each other, as they were equally strong and they decided to exchange Hostages. Being the leaders (as described in the Heimskringla) of the Vanir, Njord, Frey and Freya went over to the Aesir, were they were popular for their Knowledge on Magic. Njord became a priest of Sacrifices along with his son in Asgaard.
After Ragnarok, he and his Children return to the Vanir.


Goddess of the Underworld. Her father is Loki and her mother is the giantess Angerbroda. Her brothers are Fenrir, The giant Wolf and Jormund, The serpent which encircles the whole world (Midgaard).She was abducted from Angerbrodas hall, and thrown in to the Underworld. She resides in Helheim, which lies in Niflheim. To get there you have to cross the bridge Gjallerbru, over the river Gjoll. Here Lies The Hell-Hound Garm ready to strike at everyone who tries to enter. To the furthest north in Hel lies Narstrand, were all dead criminals were put. Her hall is called Eljudnir. She was described as looking on one side like a Beautiful women, and on the other side being Old and ugly. Her servants were the male Ganglati and the female Ganglot, they were so lazy that no one had ever seen them move. Her plate is hunger, her knife is starvation, her bed is the sick-bed. She collected those who died from Sickness or old age. She picked the dead up on her three-legged horse Helhesten (Hel Horse). Those that die in Battle goes to Valhalla, and they are called Einherjar. That’s the reason Baldr went to Hel, instead of Valhalla. Those who drown belong to Ran (Wife of the sea god Aegir).
Hermod, the son of Odin travels to Hel, to ask for the release of Baldr, who was killed by Hod. She said that if all things in the world would cry then she would free him, but Loki disguised as a Giantess refused to cry, an Baldr remained with Hel. She built the ship Naglfar from the nails of the dead. The ship is used to transport Hel’s army of dead to ragnarok. Therefor it was common to cut your fingernails, and those of the dead, as it would slow down the arrival of Ragnarok.