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- by Uilleam Mìcheal Stiùbhart

Re, known also as Amon-Re when associated with Amon, and alternatively as Amon-Zeus during the Hellenic period. Re was the only consistently worshiped Egyptian deity. He was the main sun god. He was the chief of the cosmic powers and creator of all the Universe. The early Egyptian Pharaohs claimed descent from Re, which is very well possible. Re may have been the name of a Pharaoh of previous time and he perhaps was glorified up until the point of Godhood. It is true that ancient societies sometimes venerated one deceased so much that they were elevated to Godhood. During the Theban dynasties, Amon was fused with Re, becoming Amon-Re, the supreme God. During the eighteenth dynasty, Amenhotep III renamed the solar god Aton, the old name for a physical solar power. Amenhotep IV, the son of the III, went further and proclaimed Aton the one and true god. Furthermore, he changed his name to Akhenaton, meaning "One Who is Devoted to Aton." Moreover, he became an iconoclastic monotheist, having even the word "Gods" deleted from monuments. He relentlessly persecuted Amon's priests. After Akhenaton's death, however, Egyptians reverted back to their old polytheistic worship. Amon-Re went through transformation once more. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, the Egyptians, who were usually liberal, adopted worship Zeus. They joined Amon-Re and Zeus together, forming Amon-Zeus.

During the creation, Re was born of a golden lotus. He is described as the most handsome man ever. He separated the primeval elements, and created other deities. Interestingly, the Egyptians have the use of a word uttered from the supreme god as a creative force. This is also found in Christianity, as the Christ Jesus is called the Word of God. At one occasion, the Father Earth God, Geb, and the Mother Sky Goddess, Nub, fell in love, though Re was married to Nub. This is interesting because the same happens in Greek mythology, meaning that the Sky and the Earth come into Union. Also, Geb and Nub were brother and sister, much like Uranus and Gaia. After creating the Universe, Re creates Khemet, or Egypt, and the Nile, and the other countries of the world.

Amon was originally a member of the holy Triad of the city of Thebes. He was identified with Mut, his wife, and Khon, the lunar deity. Identified with Re, he became the supreme God, the creator of all. He became the official God of the Egyptian Empire and Nation, and his high priest's powers rivaled the pharaoh's. This caused conflict many a time.

Recently, there has been a slight and insignificant revival of the ancient Egyptian deities, most importantly of which is Amon-Re. It remains to be seen wether or not this will gain a significant following, like the satr—, which has quite a large following in North America and Iceland.