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Bruce Shelley Chat

January 28th, 2002 -

+Julia@ZEvents> Welcome to the Zone Theater Chat Room!
+Julia@ZEvents> We're here tonight with renowned game designer and developer Bruce Shelley to talk about the highly anticipated real-time strategy title Age of Mythology (due to release Fall 2002).
+Julia@ZEvents> Also, as an extra bonus, we will be giving away Age of Mythology posters autographed by Bruce!
+Julia@ZEvents> If you see your name posted as a WINNER, be sure to send us the requested info ASAP :-)
+Julia@ZEvents> A little background on our guest before we jump into your questions:
+Julia@ZEvents> Bruce Shelley has been a professional game designer and developer since 1980, when he began working with paper and board games.
+Julia@ZEvents> In 1987, Shelley switched to computer games and made a name in the industry helping Sid Meier design the original Railroad Tycoon and Civilization.
+Julia@ZEvents> In 1995, he joined Ensemble studios and evolved their development methodology.
+Julia@ZEvents> A senior designer at Ensemble, Bruce has contributed to both of the enormously popular Age of Empires and Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings strategy games.
+Julia@ZEvents> Please limit questions to one per "up at bat". We have many folks here with many questions so even if you ask 3.. only one will be answered.
+Julia@ZEvents> Thanks for your cooperation, we'll try to get to as many as time permits :-)
+Julia@ZEvents> We're thrilled to have you here with us tonight Bruce, shall we get started?
+Bruce@ES> Yes, let'g go. Great to be here.
+Julia@ZEvents> ok!

+Julia@ZEvents> Hi Clarissimus! ga :-) Clarissimus> Mine is not a question that requires an immediate answer; I was just wondering if you could drop by some time and make comment about your remark from a Gamespot interview here:,1359,1,all
Clarissimus> ga
+Bruce@ES> I'll have to check it out later.
Clarissimus> k thanks

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Clarissimus! ga anime_Megatron :-)
anime_Megatron> Hi How will people be able to beta test the upcoming Age of Mythology? ga
+Bruce@ES> keep an eye on our site. We will be posting info on the beta test.
anime_Megatron> ok thank you

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, anime_Megatron! ga _GoA_Slayer :-)
_GoA_Slayer> Have you considered implementing live voice chat (like Half-Life or RogerWilco) so team members can communicate easily with without typing?
+Bruce@ES> Not too much. We've got our hands full trying to finish the game...
_GoA_Slayer> k
_GoA_Slayer> thanx
+Bruce@ES> voice chat would be great, but not in the first
_GoA_Slayer> sure

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, _GoA_Slayer! ga headly3 :-)
headly3> Hi Bruce! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us ;-). Ye should do this more often! :-D I was wondering, whats the situation about the BETA version of AoM, David Rippy hinted that it might be an open beta (i.e no limit on the number of users). Any comme
headly3> nts?
+Bruce@ES> David is the producer on AoM. He helps make those calls. ...
headly3> more specific than that ;-)
+Bruce@ES> We will have to see what we think we can handle. basically the more the better, ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, headly3! ga LedHead189 :-)
LedHead189> What special power/ability does the Pharaoh have? ga
+Bruce@ES> That is still changing, but he might be a healer, might speed building, might fight myth creatures
LedHead189> Cool. Thanks
+Bruce@ES> ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, LedHead189! ga SoR_Anarchy :-)
SoR_Anarchy> Hey bruce thanks for taking my question. What will be the function of heros be in AoM? ga
+Bruce@ES> right now, heroes are the counter unit to the myth creatures, like cyclops.
+Bruce@ES> ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, SoR_Anarchy! ga KES_HAMERDAMAGE :-)
KES_HAMERDAMAGE> Bruce...great the series alot...september is a long time off my friend...patch of simple things would fire up the aok/tc community again(keeping the interest in the game=better aom sales/$) and is not that labor intensive to do/thank
+Bruce@ES> there is some interest at ES in a new patch. It is being discussed. Keep an ear out. ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, KES_HAMERDAMAGE! ga XDarkAvengerX :-)
XDarkAvengerX> With the scenario editor in AoM will we be able to change hp attack and name with triggers? ga
+Bruce@ES> At this point you can only insert canned units with fixed HP. Your suggestion would be good.
+Bruce@ES> ga
XDarkAvengerX> thanls
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, XDarkAvengerX!

+Paw@ZEvents> MPP_ELvira, Congrats !!!! You have just Won a Age of Mythology Poster ( Signed by Bruce Shelley) !!!!!!!!!!! Please Send your Zone Name, Real Name, and Street Mailing Address to
+Julia@ZEvents> Congrats Elvira!

+Julia@ZEvents> ga Alexandergreat3 :-)
Alexandergreat3> Hello Mr. Shelley. It's my honor to meet you here tonight! Before I ask my questions, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that ES guys and gals did a brilliant Job with the Age series, and I wish you all the best with AOM!!
Alexandergreat3> ..
Alexandergreat3> Ok, my question is: according to the info released by ES, the god powers (GP) are limited to 1 use per age. In the Scenario Editor, can God powers such as meteor shower be cast at specific spots on the map using triggers? Will there be a limit?
Alexandergreat3> ga
+Bruce@ES> Yes, we have a great team at ES, best I have ever seen...
+Bruce@ES> God power availability is in flux. ...
+Bruce@ES> I believe we can bring down god powers in the editor using triggers. ga
Alexandergreat3> at any spot?
Alexandergreat3> ga
+Bruce@ES> I believe so. Limitations would be minimal, to keep the cpu from bogging down. ga
Alexandergreat3> ok thx

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Alexandergreat3! ga AOKB_Thunder :-)
AOKB_Thunder> Hiya Bruce...Will houses perform the same function in AOM as they did in AOK? Will all cultures use houses in the same way?
+Bruce@ES> They do now. For much of our development so far they worked differently for each or did not exist...
+Bruce@ES> After a lot of testing we thought it best to put them back...
+Bruce@ES> we don't want the game to be too different from what Age fans are used to. ga
AOKB_Thunder> thanks Bruce : )

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, AOKB_Thunder! ga MW_Slayer_671 :-)
MW_Slayer_671> Hi. What have you all changed or added to Age of Mythology that is better or improves the past games?(main things)----ga
+Bruce@ES> 3D gives us a lot of new capability, including cooler graphics and effects...
+Bruce@ES> Mythology is the huge change/innovation thanks to god powers and amazing mythological units. ga
MW_Slayer_671> Thanks Bruce

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, MW_Slayer_671! ga Seven5468 :-)
Seven5468> Greetings, great games!! I notice that from some of the screen shots that AOM has graphic similarities to AOE I and II. But, it seems, at least to me, that it's closer to AOE I. Is there any reason behind or truth to this? ga
+Bruce@ES> We don't see it that way. I and II were 2D, AoM is 3D. We continually strive for a realistic, bright look. ga
Seven5468> ty

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, IM_THuGGy! ga deadlydentures :-)
deadlydentures> How will night and day be done in AOM exactly?
deadlydentures> ga
+Bruce@ES> to get full night, unplug your pc, ;-) ...
+Bruce@ES> night and day will be available in the scenario editor only...
+Julia@ZEvents> :-)
deadlydentures> thank ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, deadlydentures! ga RVD_Germ_ :-)
RVD_Germ_> Hey Bruce! Before i ask i just want to say that you guys at ES are awsome. I am a hardcore ES fan and i am pursuing a career in computer programming. In fact i am seriously considering putting in for a job at ES when i get my degree...
+Bruce@ES> there is slider bar available and you can adjust the daylight from dawn to dark. ga

RVD_Germ_> But for now im stuck in high school...
RVD_Germ_> I was wondering if there is any talk of an expansion for AOM? ga
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, RVD_Germ_!

+Paw@ZEvents> AOEH_Fatcat, Congrats !!!! You have just Won a Age of Mythology Poster ( Signed by Bruce Shelley) !!!!!!!!!!! Please Send your Zone Name, Real Name, and Street Mailing Address to

+Bruce@ES> First, great programming talent is always in demand...
+Bruce@ES> we will think about an AoM x-pack if AoM turns into a
+Julia@ZEvents> Congrats Fatcat!

+Julia@ZEvents> ga IM_THuGGy :-)
IM_THuGGy> Will there be the same features in Age series like hills with archers ? if so could you name one I wouldn't know about? Will AoM have the same view size like 800x600 Thank you Julia and Shelley for letting me go again!
+Julia@ZEvents> yvw :-)
+Bruce@ES> I don't understand the Q about hills with archers. I think the view size will be the same or
IM_THuGGy> like in Age when your on a hill how its easier to kill
IM_THuGGy> I thought you would know since you worked on Age but nevermind that
+Bruce@ES> We are experimenting with terrain effects. If they work well in our tests, they will be in the game. ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, IM_THuGGy! ga _iUnknowni_ :-)
_iUnknowni_> Hi,Will the scenario editor be easy to use? & Will there be a copy trigger button? ga :)
+Bruce@ES> The scenario editor will be as easy or easier as it has been in our past games...
+Bruce@ES> but make it great software in its own right would seriously impede making the overall game...
+Bruce@ES> developers have to make reasonable

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, _iUnknowni_ ! ga Juampablo :-)
Juampablo> will there be special villagers for each culture? ga
+Bruce@ES> right now there are only special villagers for the Norse- dwarves who are especially good at gold

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Juampablo! ga Gary__Payton :-)
Gary__Payton> hey there Bruce greetings from Brazil ^___^ I was the Brazilian champion in Redmond and too bad I did not get to meet you there. I got to talk to Kevin Holme and Captn Kidd though they are pretty cool! How about you guys from ES take some of the guys...
Gary__Payton> who were at Redmond to be beta testers? LIKE ME! hihihi Or maybe to work at ES (we never know unless we try, right hihihi)? By the way I just became the champion of Age of Kings Heaven Ladder today, where is the champagne? hihihi ....
Gary__Payton> What´s up +Julia? Thanks for paying the drinks in Redmond at the Sports Bar at the Hotel for me, DeathKnight (France), ZhaZ (Sweeden) and Crouvex (Germany).... after Bruce hires me to work at ES I can pay you back some drinks! ^__^ GA go SONICS
Gary__Payton> flup
+Julia@ZEvents> shhh Payton! hehehe
Gary__Payton> ^__^
+Bruce@ES> I had a conflict with the tournament when the dates changed after 9/11. congrats
Gary__Payton> Are you guys from ES and MS considering a second International Tournament to end with a "golden key" the AoE series this year? That would be nice, it was one of the best experiences in my life those days in Redmond. Thanks!! GA bye :-(

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Gary__Payton! ga Kong_KK :-)
Kong_KK> Are you going to add men pushing siege weapons around similar to the way you Are you going to add men pushing the siege weapons around similar to the way you had men pushing Bombard Cannons around in AoK? ga
Kong_KK> whoops
Kong_KK> :D
+Julia@ZEvents> Keep eyes peeled for more WW Events :-)
+Bruce@ES> We are focusing now on finishing AoM. I am not aware of another tournament in the works
+Bruce@ES> There is at least one siege unit in AoM that shows men pushing it. Others the men are not shown and presumed to be
Kong_KK> how about catapults and stuff?
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Kong_KK! ga _hccc_ :-)
+Bruce@ES> There is a nice mix of siege units. I'm not going to list them here, but we will be showing them over the rest of this year up until September launch. ga

_hccc_> How long will it be before computer player ai will be able to defeat expert human players, i mean in terms of being able to choose a stradegy on the fly during a game,like a rush or a power up defending on early resources? also
_hccc_> Are all ai scripts the same for all civs?
_hccc_> ga
+Bruce@ES> The AI will probably never be able to beat an expert human player, unless we allow it to cheat, which we do not do in any of our games. Mike Kidd may disagree with me there and I may be wrong on that. Mike is scripting our AI. ...
+Bruce@ES> AI scripts are not the same. We can write dozens of them. ga
_hccc_> thanks

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, _hccc_! ga Player_Theta_ :-)
Player_Theta_> evening everyone =)
Player_Theta_> Kraken, Whale, Turtle, are these creatures player controlled, food or are they just in there for aesthetic appeal?
+Bruce@ES> Right now the whale is aesthetic. The giant turtle and Kraken are myth units that you can control. ga
Player_Theta_> ooooo cool!
Player_Theta_> thx!

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Player_Theta_ !

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+Julia@ZEvents> ga _Tr0jan_Man__ :-)
+Julia@ZEvents> _Tr0jan_Man__ ?
+Julia@ZEvents> ga menacingminotau :-)
menacingminotau> hi bruce, im a big fan of the game and i wanna ask u this,will there be civilizations like in the other games if not how are they gonna be, or is it races like gods or something? ga
+Bruce@ES> There are three groups of three civilizations each. Norse, Egyptiand, and Greek...
+Bruce@ES> Subdivided by the major god you choose. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, for example are major Greek gods...
+Bruce@ES> Choosing your major gods sets certain abilities for your civ...
+Bruce@ES> As you play a game you get the opportunity to further shape your civ...
+Bruce@ES> We wanted more differentiation. The Norse, Greeks and Egyptians play quite
menacingminotau> see i'm 14 and im interested in the gaming career...

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, menacingminotau! ga keet_ :-)
keet_> Can you tell me some new, improved features of the scenario editor, ai scripts, and random map scripts? ga
+Bruce@ES> The big new feature is in game cinematics...
+Bruce@ES> This allows you to move the story along with cinematics that in game and seamless...
+Bruce@ES> We think they are going to be a great new addition and you can do them at home also. ga
keet_> What are some of the new gametypes and do they work well when played by the cpu? ga
+Bruce@ES> I don't have any new game types to tell you about tonight and our AI is not far enough along yet for the cpu to play against us. Wish I could tell you more about it tonight. ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, keet_ ! ga __sU4L_s0uTh :-)
__sU4L_s0uTh> Hi, i wanted to ask if AOM will require a super fast computer or lots of space...and i think you should make tons of cool units so the fun never ends...also make it so it seems the battles are more numbers...add variations to unit attacks
__sU4L_s0uTh> ...
__sU4L_s0uTh> ... yo i will like to say to my homies, da invinceble CLAYMAN n EqUuS ( meaning horse ) yo!!!!!!!!! .... i love u julia ;)...
+Bruce@ES> AoM will require 3d acceleration and a good PC. We don't know yet what are minimum requirement will be...
+Bruce@ES> We will be doing a lot of optimizing in the coming months...
__sU4L_s0uTh> thanks....i forgot Guitardy...he owns all...he rules world.....he is god...;)
+Bruce@ES> We want big realistic battles also. No one has done that really well in 3D

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, __sU4L_s0uTh! ga BuCk_LeAdEr :-)
BuCk_LeAdEr> is the gameing interface of aom the same as aoe ga
+Bruce@ES> not the same. We have a full time professional, Karen Swanson, doing our AI. We want it to be easy to use and very functional. I think it has come a long way from
+Bruce@ES> I'm sorry, Karen is doing our UI, not AI, ;-).
BuCk_LeAdEr> cool thanks

curse_xp> Hi,Will be gates in AOM like in AOK? Thanx (editor-in-chief of ga
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, MaLYCaN! ga curse_xp :-)
+Bruce@ES> Yes, pretty much. YOu order units to go somewhere and they pass through the nearest

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, curse_xp! ga Aggressor_Black :-)
Aggressor_Black> S'up Bruce. What is main attribute of Age Of Mythology that will show an evelution to already strong Age Of Empire series? And will there be an imporvement to the AI that allows a wide varation or constantly random strategies?
+Bruce@ES> We think the A I will be vastly improved...
+Bruce@ES> The main innovation will be the god powers and myth creatures, and how they change the dynamics of battle and economic development. AoM is great fun to

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Aggressor_Black! ga CD_Paladin_C0 :-)
CD_Paladin_C0> Hi, Really nice to meet you Bruce. i was just woundering why don't egyptains get a hero?I read on that there hero got removed from the game for the egyptains and they always have the bestb info. ga
+Bruce@ES> The Egyptian hero is called the Pharoah. They always have one in play. If he is killed he is replaced pretty quickly. There is a way to have two at the same time. So they do have a
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, CD_Paladin_C0!

+Paw@ZEvents> anime_Megatron, Congrats !!!! You have just Won a Age of Mythology Poster ( Signed by Bruce Shelley) !!!!!!!!!!! Please Send your Zone Name, Real Name, and Street Mailing Address to +Julia@ZEvents> Congrats Megatron!

+Julia@ZEvents> ga BriGthMisChieF :-)
BriGthMisChieF> Hi i from Mexico...Agradecer la traduccion/ if any can translate-- thanks!! las guerras de Age II (AOC) se terminan en feudal y algunas veces en castillos a causa del rush...AOM ha previsto esto? . ¿Cuando llega a Mexico AOM??
+Julia@ZEvents> Elvira will translate for us :-)
+Bruce@ES> Sorry, I cannot read Spanish clearly enough to understand your
BriGthMisChieF> did you do somthing about the flush in AOM?
MPP_ELvira> the battles in aok terminate in feudal, and sometimes in castle because of the rush
MPP_ELvira> has aom been able to anticipate this to make any changes? and when does aom come to mexico?
+Bruce@ES> It is harder to rush in AoM...
MPP_ELvira> es mas dificil hacer el rush en aom
+Bruce@ES> Most games start with some defense already in place for town areas...
MPP_ELvira> muchos juegos empiezan con defensas puestas en tu ciudad
+Bruce@ES> We would prefer that games get further along before being decided. We would like players to use the cool stuff we have put in the
BriGthMisChieF> Gracias por la ayuda Elvira/Julia...thanks Bruce ...
+Julia@ZEvents> ty BriGthMisChieF! Thank you very much Elvira, please to ahead with your question now :-)
MPP_ELvira> preferemos que los juegos vayan mas adelantados antes de ser decididos
+Bruce@ES> AoM will probably be in Mexico in October or
MPP_ELvira> queremos usar las cosas interesantes que hemos puesto en el juego :)
MPP_ELvira> np..i don't have a question...just like listening :)
+Julia@ZEvents> ty :-)

+Julia@ZEvents> ga EnriqueOrduno :-)
EnriqueOrduno> Heya Bruce =D. Great to be here.Will ES support modding and how easily do you think Aom could be modified(modded) ?
+Bruce@ES> Modding is a positive thing for any game, because it shows people really like it and it makes it more interesting for players...
+Bruce@ES> We don't plan any specific support for modding at this point beyond providing a robust scenario editor for the use of mod makers...
+Bruce@ES> After the game ships we may do more if we see an opportunity that looks cost

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, EnriqueOrduno! ga GG0_Maynard :-)
GG0_Maynard> Although age of kings has good game play it has poor networking and unit responce. Many times units are either late to respond to a command or dont even do so at all! What, if anything, are you going to do for myth to change this problem? ...
GG0_Maynard> and FLUP on Theta's Kraken,whale and turtle question..what civ/s do the turtle and kraken belong to? =]-~ ga
+Bruce@ES> The Kraken is greek and the turtle is norse, I believe. I haven't used them yet in the game, so I may be wrong...
+Bruce@ES> Regarding unit response, that is something all RTS games wrestle with. There are times when you want units to respond and times when you don't. We generally prefer to leave it as a player decision, instead of scripting

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, GG0_Maynard! ga StorM_Prodigy :-)
StorM_Prodigy> Hey Bruce, not see you. Great job on Age series, im a big fan and been playing since Rise of Rome. My question is how do you expect for Age of Mythology to appeal to experts seeking top level competition and high level of players and\or tournaments?
StorM_Prodigy> flup
StorM_Prodigy> but ga first
+Bruce@ES> We have some of the US's top AoE players on our staff and they will help us be sure that AoM is a very competitive game for the experts. At the same time, we sell far more games to casual gamers, so we must be sure that the game appeals to them also...
StorM_Prodigy> Also Mr Shelly, I would like to know if you have plans for more than one big tournament for money or perhaps a few small tournies for money in store for us in the Aging Community, I for one would find it very thrilling.
+Bruce@ES> Appealing to both groups is a challenge. The great single player campaign we are building is especially directed to the casual gamer.
StorM_Prodigy> ga
+Julia@ZEvents> Never fear... we always have fun things in the making for our AoE Players :-)
+Bruce@ES> Decisions about tournaments are largely made by marketing. We would like to see more of them, but they are quite

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, StorM_Prodigy! ga SGH_Plough :-)
SGH_Plough> Hello Mr. Shelley, Why startegy games that you designed like AOE series and Civilization had strong relation with ''real history'' and Age of Mythology doesn't follow that ''rule''? i mean why the change i guess all expected an AOE III ...
SGH_Plough> about industrial revolution you know like Civilization...(advance in time but diff AOE series, The age of kings,Conquerors) ga
+Bruce@ES> We prefer to think of our games being about the human experience...
+Bruce@ES> We think mythology is part of that. people once believed in gods, heroes and myth creatures...
SGH_Plough> Ok, thanks Mr.Shelley :-)
+Bruce@ES> Plus we wanted to do something different. We've been making AoE since 1995...
+Bruce@ES> Plus we felt that gamers might be tired of something too close to the past games...
+Bruce@ES> I think you will be pleased with what we've come up

+Paw@ZEvents> _RFC_Plumie , Congrats !!!! You have just Won a Age of Mythology Poster ( Signed by Bruce Shelley) !!!!!!!!!!! Please Send your Zone Name, Real Name, and Street Mailing Address to +Julia@ZEvents> ty, SGH_Plough! +Julia@ZEvents> Congrats Plumie!

+Julia@ZEvents> ga Expediti0n :-)
Expediti0n> How long were you working on this game?
Expediti0n> ga
+Bruce@ES> The AoM skeleton team started work at the end of AoM. The engine team starting working at the end of AoE in 1997. Its been a big
+Bruce@ES> Sorry, AoM started after the end of AoK.
Expediti0n> cool
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Expediti0n!

+Julia@ZEvents> WackoEqUuS will be out last question tonight.. sorry but we've run out of time :-(
+Julia@ZEvents> don't go anywhere folks... Bruce says he wants to go another 30 minutes :-) wheeeeeee!

+Julia@ZEvents> ga _ViRuS_Seph :-) _ViRuS_Seph> Hey, when and what can we expect in the next AVI flyover? I wouldn't mine seeing the meteor shower, as I heard that was gorgeous. It would also be cool to see someone actually playing the game, not just a flyover showing off all the eye candy
_ViRuS_Seph> I dunno if you know anything about that though... :P
+Bruce@ES> I don't know what is planned for the next AVi flyover. We want to keep showing cool stuff though..
_ViRuS_Seph> IMO those are better then screenshots :) you should make one of those per week
_ViRuS_Seph> NOQ
+Bruce@ES> There will be time to show people playing pretty soon I

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, _ViRuS_Seph! ga SCORPION_FIGTER :-)
SCORPION_FIGTER> bruce are you good in age of empires the conquers because im a good inter and if u can give me some tips about playing better on aoc and aom when it comes out ?and is it hard to make games like aoc because mabye i might start making games like aoc
+Bruce@ES> Fly overs take a lot of work. We don't have a lot resources for

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, SCORPION_FIGTER! ga _Dragon_Spell_ :-)
_Dragon_Spell_> Hey Bruce it is an honour to meet you.thank you for taking some of your valuable time off to andwer questions i am thinking of taking up a carrer in gaming at es i am only 12 but i got a high disiction in the australian computer skill test,...
_Dragon_Spell_> Who do you think is the best unit and also the most inventive? Hey bruce 1v1 aoc after the q and a lol jk and chance of a poster ? thx any way ga
+Bruce@ES> I am not a good player. it takes a lot of time and practice to become great. There will be online and book strategy guides available to help you I'm
_Dragon_Spell_> cool

Royal_General0> Will the population limit in AOM become greater then 200? Also what inspired the developers of Age series to go back in time to the myths instead ahead? i like what you've done by going to the mythological ages instead ahead. ga
+Julia@ZEvents> ty, _Dragon_Spell_! ga Royal_General0 :-)
+Bruce@ES> The coolest unit in the game right now for me is flying unit that breathes fire. The animation and art is amazing. It really gets you attention. We aren't talking about it yet, but you will like

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Royal_General0! ga Unholy_Winner :-)
+Bruce@ES> We don't know yet what the pop limit will be. We think it will be significantly higher than any comparable RTS...
+Bruce@ES> See an earlier answer for why we went to mythology. Basically we thought it was the coolest idea we came up
+Bruce@ES> any comparable 3d

+Julia@ZEvents> ga SG5 :-)
SG5> Hi, It's an honor being here. Q: As games are going more toward 3d and getting bigger (which will have higher requierments), what would be some changes for online gaming? any special features? and is the favors of god sort of like civ bonus points? ga.
+Bruce@ES> Favor is a resource like wood or gold. You do things in the game to get it and then spend it on myth stuff...
SG5> cool, thanks
+Bruce@ES> Special features that come from 3d include flying and underwater creatures, in game cinematics, deformable terrain. All good. ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, SG5! ga robdude11 :-)
robdude11> Hi Bruce! I'm honoured (I am Canadian! hehe :-) to talk to you here! What programming language are you using, and what other programs are you using to make the game (ie graphic design programs or any other programs)? ga
+Bruce@ES> Much of my family is Canadian also. Relative living in Vancouver and some buried on Mt.Royal in Montreal. I am not a programmer. I think we use C++, 3D studio max, some
robdude11> Thank you very much for staying Bruce!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the rest of the game, and I look forward to playing it in September!!!! :D

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, robdude11! ga Clarissimus :-)
Clarissimus> Hey, thanks for extending the interview :-) Will the Stone Giant be available as a scenario editor unit? Is anyone seriously considering implementing the Flying Purple Hippo :-) as a cheat unit or scn ed unit?. . . . . . .
Clarissimus> Flup: could the FPH be the "fire-breathing unit" you alluded to a few questions ago, lol ;-)
+Julia@ZEvents> <-- wants the Purple Hippo!
+Bruce@ES> Don't give our artists any more ideas about flying purple hippos, please ;-). They are imaginative enough. Anything in the random map game will be in the scenario editor. I am not aware of a Stone Giant, however!ga
Clarissimus> lol k
Clarissimus> ga

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Clarissimus! ga Ik_Owner_Unit :-)
Ik_Owner_Unit> Because the Age of mythology is a microsoft game will age of mythology be on the xbox? or any other systems besides the pc? ga
+Bruce@ES> Right now it is PC only. Maybe never x-box. To get big time rts on the x-box would require a lot of rethinking of the interface and controls. Good question. ga
Ik_Owner_Unit> thx
Ik_Owner_Unit> <<poster

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Ik_Owner_Unit!
+Julia@ZEvents> ga LedHead189 :-)
LedHead189> Will naval ships work like AoK(ie, galleons, fire ships, etc...), or will loading different units change a ship’s function? Also, is ramming in AoM? ga
+Bruce@ES> No ramming at this point. We'll see. Ship do work like they do in AoK, but not so many different

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, LedHead189! ga AzN_PaRaDoX :-)
AzN_PaRaDoX> Evening Bruce....
AzN_PaRaDoX> Can we control in-game variables such as day/night, random resources, random weather by Random Map?
AzN_PaRaDoX> What other objects can we place into RMS?
AzN_PaRaDoX> ga
+Bruce@ES> I don't think you can change day/night in random games at this point. That works better in a scenario that is more based on character and story...
+Bruce@ES> there is not weather per se in AoM...
AzN_PaRaDoX> thx
+Bruce@ES> BAsically it is like AoK. You pick map type, number of players,

+Julia@ZEvents> ga Ldz_Gun_Fox :-)
Ldz_Gun_Fox> Hey, my friends and I love the age series so much, we all put in money to set up a LAN and play at my house. My question is what will you do for new multi-player things such as game types ,how many players will a lan game support,and will you be able to u
Ldz_Gun_Fox> use god powers as often as you have fovour ga
+Bruce@ES> We are working to make it easier to find a game that suits your level of skill. We were pretty happy with multiplayer AoK...
+Bruce@ES> We are still deciding how often god powers can be use...
Ldz_Gun_Fox> so no more than 8 players at one time?
+Bruce@ES> We don't them to be the entire focus of play...
+Bruce@ES> We would like to get more than eight, but it is too early to say yet what the limit will
Ldz_Gun_Fox> thx

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Ldz_Gun_Fox! ga Guitardy :-)
Guitardy> I just wanna thank you for hosting this chat +Julia@ZEvents, and Bruce for coming and taking the time to talk about the upcoming game =)
Guitardy> Hi Mr. Shelley. It is an honour to talk to you. I have been a fan of the Age of Empires Gaming since 1999 when I got my first Computer. I started playing Rise of Rome Trial, very addicting =) I own all the series now, but aside from that can't wait to see
Guitardy> Q: How will the viewing of the maps be in AoM. In AoE and the other games it is stuck in the one view, might there be ways to view the map from other angles in AoM??... ga
Guitardy> Also: To +Julia@ZEvents, thank you for letting me have that extra minute to type. How might one be able to apply to @ZEvents. If you have an extra poster, zm me, or email me at hehe. Shouts to __sU4L_s0uTh, and MaLYCaN and rest of RoR
+Bruce@ES> We don't want players to have to deal with the camera. It will stay fixed by default...
+Bruce@ES> but if you wish, you can unlock it and rotate the view...
+Bruce@ES> We don't want experts to gain an advantage from unlocking it, however. ga
Guitardy> hehe
Guitardy> thank you =)

+Julia@ZEvents> ty, Guitardy! ga _RCF_plumie :-) (plumie will be out last one tonight all...sorry!)
_RCF_plumie> Hi Bruce,i won the poster 15 minutes ago so i was wondering if u could write"To sexy Plumster" ohh and can The_Sherrif sign it too...ViRuS all the way but RCF sexier!!! ohh and Seph,Luis and ryan r all my girls:)
_RCF_plumie> i am soo lucky!
+Julia@ZEvents> lol ty plumie (I think)
+Bruce@ES> The posters were signed in Dallas last week and now they are in Redmond.

+Julia@ZEvents> well gang.... we've come to the end of our chat... thank you all for joining us tonight!
+Julia@ZEvents> Bruce, thank you so much for being with us!!!!
+Bruce@ES> Thanks for having me. Julia, you and Paw did a great job.
+Julia@ZEvents> It was our honor! Kinda like being in the band with Elvis :-)
+Julia@ZEvents> Keep your eyes peeled for Mythology there !!!!!!!!
+Bruce@ES> Es is a big band. I am just one of the louder drummers.
+Julia@ZEvents> lol
+Julia@ZEvents> Again, thank you all..... and mucho thanks to YOU the PLAYERS that make it all FUN!!!!
+Julia@ZEvents> See you around the Zone.... we'll have you some fun filled prize tourneys coming up soon :-)
+Bruce@ES> Thanks everyone for coming to the chat. My Es friends will be reading this tomorrow.
+Julia@ZEvents> Watch "Tournaments and Events" from your AoE main page!!