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With the great release of Age of Mythology, Ensemble Studios set out to create an excellent expansion pack, this time with the addition of a mythology that, in all truth, is still a controversial and highly discussed culture, the Atlanteans. This expansion pack, Age of Mythology: The Titans, not only expands and concludes the original Age of Mythology campaign, but also expands the game with new maps, new units, new technologies, new buildings, and even a new form of gameplay - This time focused on a gigantic unit known as a Titan!

Listed below, you will find the features of the new Expansion Pack, (known as AoMX or AoM:TT, respectively), screenshots, information on the new culture: The Atlanteans, and even in-depth reports on certain features of the X-Pack.

Features & Changes Features & Changes
Want to know exactly what was changed from the old civilization with the AoMX? Dying to know the new features of the AoMX Editor? Just wondering about the key changes to ESO? In here, we have the answers!

New Random Maps New Random Maps
With the release of AoMX, ES added several new random maps. Feel free to check them out here.

The Titans Q&A The Titans Q&A
Got a question about the X-Pack? Don't know where to go? Then come here to our The Titans FAQ, and feel free to look around and see if your question has already been answered.

Screenshots Screenshots
Here you will find the latest screenshots released on AoMX, and screenshots dating back to when AoMX was first proposed.

The Atlanteans The Atlanteans
If you would like to read about the culture and gods of the Atlanteans in AoM, come here.

Atlantean Units Atlantean Units
This section discusses the Atlantean units in detail, (including unit statistics, unit costs, etc.).

Atlantean Buildings Atlantean Buildings
Are you interested in the technologies that each building in AOMX may have? Then please, don't hesistate to come here.

Atlantean God Powers Atlantean God Powers
If you would like to know which God Powers are in AoMX, this section may be valuable to you.

Atlantean Tables Atlantean Tables
This page contains all of the stats of the Atlantean's units, technologies, and buildings, compiled in an easy to read table.

How it Works How it Works - With AoMX
How much faster do Atlantean villagers gather? How much of an improvement does the hero conversion make to units? All of your answers to how specific things work in TT can be found here!