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The Atlantean Gods - Gaia

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Gaia- Archaic Age


Special Bonus:
  • All buildings are surrounded by Lush Terrain.
  • Lush terrain can not be built on by enemies.

  • Buildings regenerate hitpoints
  • Fishing ships, Caravans more hitpoints & cheaper
  • Economic bonuses cheaper

    God Power:
    Gaia's Forest. Generates a forest, of which you can harvest from and use as a wall. This power is similar to the Dwarven Mine. Also, you can use Gaia's Forest numerous times in a game.

    Channels Ability. +20% Villager Speed.


Leto - Classical Age

Oceanus - Classical Age
God Power: Spider Lair. Spider burrows which will hatch when enemy units come near, and will attack those enemy units.
Myth Unit: Automaton. A strong metal unit, capable of rebuilding similar units.

God Power: Carnivora. Generates plants which eat enemy units.
Myth Unit: Caladria. The Caladria is a flying unit, which like the Servant, has the ability to heal units within its LOS.
Myth Unit: Servant. The Servant is a unit which heals ships, and other sea units within their LOS.


Rheia - Heroic Age

Theia - Heroic Age
God Power: Traitor. Converts an enemy unit into a 'traitor.'
Myth Unit: Behemoth. A large unit, which is highly effective against buildings, but weak against units.

God Power: Hesperides. Generates a tree where you can create dryads.
Myth Unit: Stymphalian Bird. A flying unit with an excellent ranged attack, which can only be attacked by ranged units.


Atlas - Mythic Age

Hecate - Mythic Age
God Power: Implode. Cast a spherical 'black hole,' which sucks in nearby units. It also may do damage to nearby buildings.
Myth Unit: Argus. An 'octopus-like' land unit, which is effective against most units, and has a special spewing attack.

God Power: Tartarian. Generates a gate to the underworld lodging creatures which attack everybody.
Myth Unit: Lampades. A witch-like Myth unit which can convert enemy units to a unit similar to units casted by the 'Chaos' God Power.


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