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The Atlantean Gods - Kronos

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Kronos- Archaic Age


Special Bonus:
  • Can Timeshift buildings within own LOS.

  • Siege Weapons Cheaper
  • Myth Units Cheaper

    God Power:
    Deconstruction. The ability to deconstruct an enemy building, but the resources for that building will go back to your enemy.

    Focus. Oracle has +10% Speed, -1.0 Seconds LOS Speed.



Prometheus - Classical Age

Leto - Classical Age
God Power: Valor. Transforms a group of general units into heroes, instantly.
Myth Unit: Promethean. A tough myth unit, which splits off into mini-versions of itself when it is killed.

God Power: Spider Lair. Spider burrows which will hatch when enemy units come near, and will attack those enemy units.
Myth Unit: Automaton. A strong metal unit, capable of rebuilding similar units.


Hyperion - Heroic Age

Rheia - Heroic Age
God Power: Chaos. Changes the sentiment of a group of enemy units, causing them to attack any units nearby.
Myth Unit: Satyr. Armed with two spears, the Satyr is a slow unit which hurls spears at enemies.
Myth Unit: Nereid. A shark riding unit, using the shark's bite to attack other ships and land units.

God Power: Traitor. Converts an enemy unit into a 'traitor.'
Myth Unit: Behemoth. A large unit, which is highly effective against buildings, but weak against units.


Helios - Mythic Age

Atlas - Mythic Age
God Power: Vortex. Teleport all your military units to another point on the map.
Myth Unit: Man O'War. Similar to a Jellyfish, Man O'War is a sea unit which uses electrical bolts to attack enemy ships and units.
Myth Unit: Hekagigantes. A strong, multi-armed unit, the Hekagigantes pounds the ground around him, causing minor earthquakes.
Special Myth Building: Mirror Tower. A tower which harnesses sunshine into laser-like rays.

God Power: Implode. Cast a spherical 'black hole,' that sucks in nearby units, and causes damage to buildings.
Myth Unit: Argus. An 'octopus-like' land unit, which is effective against most units, and has a special spewing attack.


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