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The 4th Culture in AoM, The Atlanteans add a whole new theme and flavor to the game. In some ways, you could say that they're mixtures of the 3 previous civilizations; in others, you couldn't even closely compare them to the others. This completely new and unique civilization results in an amazing addition to Age of Mythology.


Unlike the other civilizations of Age of Mythology, the Atlanteans create heroes from regular units, simply by clicking a button while the unit is selected. The change is instant, and these new hero units have all of the attributes of heroes from other cultures. However, it isn't free, the change to a hero costs a significant amount of resources for each unit. Since the heroes are simply created from regular units, it is far easier to mass Atlantean heroes than, say, the Greek's. But their high cost makes it more difficult to mass than their Norse and Egyptian counterparts; Atlantean heroes are a nice middle ground in the game.

The instant conversion to hero for mortal units makes the Atlantean army quite versatile in that aspect. If you see several myth units in an approaching enemy army, you can simply convert a group of your soldiers to heroes to counter the myth units; quickly evening the odds in a battle.


The Atlanteans gather favor similar to the Egyptians and their monuments; by building town centers. Each town center in control by an Atlantean player gives a steady trickle of favor, approximately .3 favor per second per Town center. The more town centers controlled, the more favor intake. To facilitate the Atlanteans' favor gathering, they are able to build Town Centers an age earlier, in the Classical Age. However, this advantage is offset by their extremely low build rate; effectively 1/3 of other civilizations.


The Atlanteans recieve a Titan called "Chthonian", a lava-like Titan with crystals growing out of its back. These crystals change color, depending on the color of that civilization in a game.

Starting Conditions

The Atlanteans start with higher resource counts than the other civilizations starting off, with 325 Food, 300 Wood, and 125 Gold; plus a steady favor generation from the start with their initial Town Center.

Their starting units are one villager and one Oracle; the Atlanteans' scouting unit. However, soon after the game starts you will get two more Oracles from the town center to aid in your scouting. Oracles don't work as other scouts do, they have an extremely low Line of Sight while moving. But while they're standing in one place, their LOS gradually increases until it reaches its maximum range in 1 minute. Once it reaches its maximum range, the Oracle will send a "flare" so that you are aware that its LOS isn't increasing any more.

Other Attributes

The Atlanteans are completely themed on "Quality over Quantity". Their units are extremely expensive, but far more powerful and effective than the units from the other civilizations. A perfect example of this would be their villager (more info here), which costs 3x more resources but is far more efficient than other villagers.

One attribute given to the Atlanteans through their superior villagers is the termination of resource dropping points. Instead, the Atlantean citizens will have donkeys, which follow them and act as personal resource gathering points; continuously putting resources into the stockpile rather than having to drop them off any any building. If a resource should become depleted, the Atlantean citizen will be able to move, by itself, to a similar resource elsewhere.

Another attribute is the ability to use a god power more then once, the amount depending on the power of the God Power being used. Though the Atlanteans can a God Power more than once, there is a time limit, or 'cooldown period' between the usage of the GP. This cooldown period is also dependant on the GP; which ranges from around 1 minute to 5.

Houses for the Atlanteans will also have some changes. Unlike the other three civilizations of AoM, the Atlanteans will have houses which are called 'Manors' and serve a population of 20, not just 10. However, due to this increase in the population cap per house, the Atlanteans will only be able to build five houses. Each house will cost 80 Wood and 25 Gold; considerably more expensive than a normal houes.

The Atlanteans produce the majority of their military units from two buildings: The Barracks and Counter-Barracks. It is almost a mixture of the single building military of the Norse/Egyptians and the 3 building military of the Greeks, another example of the difference and at the same time similarities between the Atlanteans and the other civs.

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