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The original EnsembleStudiosOnline (Ensemble's first in-game multiplayer server) used in vanilla AoM had some interfacing and performance issues that fans suggested to be changed. Now, Ensemble being the amazing developer that it is took special care to listen to her fans and make sure ESO is the best in-game mp server in the genre. Well, I wouldn't disagree with that statement, considering all of the improvements made to the server. Here are all of the specific changes to ESO:

  • Connectivity: The Titans features new connectivity code that aims to make network configuration as simple and transparent as possible. Included in this is support for UPnP-enabled gateways, Windows ICS, and improved support for all types of routers, firewalls, and other network gateways. Support now includes multiple simultaneous users behind most internet gateway (NAT) devices, with automatic detection/configuration of the network settings when logging in to ESO.
  • Quick Setup: Matchmaking has been made many times faster in the Titans expansion pack. New features include:
    • New “?v?” matchmaking type, which will place you in the fastest-starting game of any type available (1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3.)
    • “2vAI” matchmaking type which will find you a partner for a 2 player cooperative game against the AI.
    • Map selection is random to expedite search times and level the playing field.
    • The quick setup screen now displays your “Persona”, an informative area that shows you quick stats about your player.
    • Matchmaking now displays real-time status updates during a search.
  • Games list: The Titans includes a new games list with sorting and filtering capabilities. The games list is scrollable and can contain 100 entries on a single page. By clicking the “Filter by current chat channel” button on the game list, you will only see games for players in the same chat channel as you.
  • Stats: Stats for mismatched game logs (where one of the players was cheating) are now logged to the server .ES tracks player accounts when cheating is detected and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Chat: The chat interface has been improved and now displays the population for the chat channels in the channel list (updates every 2 minutes.) The user list in a given chat channel has also been updated and now displays information (favorite civ, rating, etc) for the users in the channel.
  • Friends: The Titans ESO interface includes a new Friends tab. This tab lists your friends and displays the private whispers you have sent or received. You can use the chat input box to send whispers automatically to whichever friend you have selected.


You can check out screenshots of the new ESO in all its glory at AoMH's gallery: