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Limited User Access

Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion now supports Limited User Access and as a result some file locations have changed.
  • Scenarios, savegames, screenshots and recorded games are now saved to the "My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\..." subdirectories.
  • When creating your own custom AI files, they should go in the "AI2" sub folder, instead of the "AI" folder. Similarly, random maps should go in the "RM2" folder, and new victory condition scripts should go in the "trigger2" folder.


  • Strategic Minimap - Use the TAB key while playing to bring up an expanded-size "strategic" version of the minimap. The strategic minimap can be dismissed by hitting TAB again, the ESC key or clicking the Close button.
  • New Single Player Random Map Personalities – these new scripts allow users to select the AI type to play against.
    • Standard - A normal, well-balanced opponent. He'll usually start attacking in the Classical Age, but will only send one or two waves before going to Heroic Age. He rarely walls, but will usually upgrade his towers and often builds a few extra towers. He maintains a good balance between military pressure and economic growth.
    • Random - Randomly selects one of the six other personalities.
    • Attacker - Starts attacking very early in Classical Age, and keeps the pressure on. He sacrifices economic growth in favor of applying more military pressure early. He tends to keep attacking in Classical Age longer than the other personalities, going for speed and army size over quality. He never "wastes" effort on defense, walls and towers are not his style. If he doesn't win in Classical Age, he will eventually advance to Heroic Age and start expanding his economy. If you survive his early rushes through defense, you can use a superior economy to crush him in the later ages.
    • Conqueror - On reaching Classical Age, the Conqueror will start making a fairly large army. Unlike the Attacker, though, he will usually wait until Heroic Age before launching a crushing series of attacks. Like the Attacker, he rarely invests in walls or towers, making him somewhat vulnerable to a strong rush.
    • Builder - The Builder is a pure economic boomer. In Classical Age, he skips most defenses, builds only the smallest token army for defense, and focuses on expanding his economy non-stop. He'll reach Heroic Age fairly early, with a huge economy...but almost no army. Once Heroic Age starts, he begins making an army in a hurry, and will usually attack five to ten minutes into Heroic Age. He is deadly if untouched, but very vulnerable to a rush.
    • Protector - The Protector wants to protect his entire section of the map. He will often wall in, and when he does, he encloses a huge area. If he towers up, he'll defer most tower building until Heroic Age, and then space them widely to cover a large expanse of territory. He makes a modest Classical Age army, but will not attack until Heroic Age. He reserves enough resources to expand his economy, so he's a little bit slower than the Conqueror in creating his armies and reaching Heroic Age. He can be vulnerable to a very early rush or to a boom followed by a seige-heavy attack.
    • Defender - The Defender focuses first and foremost on defending his immediate area. He will usually wall up the core of his town quickly, and he towers heavily and densely in the Classical Age. While he is building his defenses, he will also attempt to launch some attacks as resources permit. He will be late to reach Heroic Age, but will have a thoroughly defended town by the time he gets there. The Defender is vulnerable to a boom, if you are prepared for his Classical Age attacks.