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The Titan units in AoM:TT are by far the most powerful units in the game. Although summoning out doesn’t give you an instant win, your opponent can’t do much to hold off the behemoth besides build one of his own; otherwise, your Titan will just tear through everything. Although each Titan as a special attack, they all have the same stats which are as follows:

Hitpoints: 7000
Crush Attack: 70
Hack Armor: 89%
Pierce Armor: 94%

As you can see, they’re nearly impossible to take out with conventional armies. However, it is possible to kill a Titan without another of your own. Heroes do have the same bonus attack against Titans as they do against other myth units, meaning massed Hersirs, Priests, or Heroes of Ragnarok could possibly take out the lumbering giants. Since they are so difficult to destroy, the best way to take out a titan is stop the summoning of it before it even gets a chance to start fighting.

Unleashing a Titan

As you might expect, it takes quite a lot of work to summon a Titan. In order to gain control of one of these units, you must first reach the Mythic Age. Upon reaching Mythic, you’ll have to research the “Titan Age”. The name is slightly misleading though, as the only thing that you’ll get after finishing the research of the Titan Age is a Titan Gate. The Titan Gate icon will appear directly below your god power icons, and you’ll be able to place the gate just like a normal building.

After placing the Titan Gate, you’ll have to get your villagers to working on the gate, just like a Wonder. As I said before, this is the time where you’re most vulnerable to attack. Your economy will be effectively shut down with all of your villagers working on the Titan Gate, you’ll have spent huge sums of money to get the gate, and your enemies will surely be pouring in from every part of the map. On top of that, god powers can have a fairly strong effect against the gate. In its early stages, a Meteor Shower or Earthquake can effectively take it out.

If your gate survives the repeated attacks that you’ll definitely get until your villagers complete it, your Titan will emerge from the gate and will be ready to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Using the Titan

Once you’ve unleashed your Titan upon the world, you’ve got to use it… to utterly destroy your enemies, of course. Having a whopping 70 crush attack, Titans can slice through buildings like a warm knife through butter. But that’s not the only thing they’re good for, Titans can also beat the snot out of most any unit in the game. Though, as stated before, they are far less effective against heroes. Heroes aren’t as badly effected by the Titan’s special attack, and heroes also all have attack multipliers against them. Huge armies of heroes should be able to be enough to knock out your Titan.

But you shouldn’t just sit back and let that happen. At this point, a large support army should already be on the field, ready to coordinate attacks with the Titan or just to support it. And, considering human units are quite effective against heroes, your support army should be enough to make sure your Titan isn’t taken out by a sweeping blow by an army of heroes.

Titan Weaknesses

Titans may be powerful, intimidating behemoths, but they’re not flawless. Titans do have some weaknesses, and understanding them should allow you to more effectively use a Titan and fight against one.

Crossing water? Sorry, Titans have absolutely no way to cross any span of water. You can’t use Underworld Passage, Transport Ships, and they can’t just walk through it. Once you unleash a Titan on a landmass, it can’t go to another. This means the place where you put down your Titan gate should be very carefully chosen on any map with bodies of water. Maps like Islands, Nile, and Team Migration should prove to be problematic for those that want to unleash a Titan.

Titans cannot heal; just like the Son of Osiris and Nidhogg. Once it’s damaged, it’s damaged. So, if your enemy keeps hitting your Titan, it can eventually be killed. Also, Bolt might not completely kill the Titan, but it does inflict considerable damage on it: around 1200 hitpoints are instantly taken from it.