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The Atlantean Villager is by far the most unique gathering unit in AoMX, even moreso than the specialized Norse Dwarves. But just how unique are they, and how do their stats and capabilities compare with the other villagers? Well, let's start off by looking at their cost in comparison to the average Greek Villager:

Atlantean Villager

Cost: 125 Food, 25 Wood
Pop Cost: 3
Training Limit: 25

Greek Villager

Cost: 50 Food
Pop Cost: 1
Training Limit: 80

As you can see, they cost a whopping 3x more resources, which includes wood. They also cost 3x more pop as well as only allowing players to build approx 1/3 as many villagers as the Greeks. In other words, they're more expensive and you can't train as many. But do their stats make up for their insane price?

 General Villager Statistics
Unit Hitpoints Hack Attack Hunting Armor Speed LOS
Attack Range Hack Pierce Crush
Atlantean Citizen 160 8 12 14 30% 35% 99% 3.25 16
Greek Villager 65 8 6 12 25% 35% 99% 3.80 14

Just looking at their basic stats gives you a pretty good idea of that answer. Though they don't have a higher attack, they are far tougher than any other villager, meaning taking an Atlantean villager out should prove to be quite difficult in raiding operations. Although they are slower, the fact that they don't have to move at all to drop off resources negates it. All in all, the basic "combat" stats for the Atlantean Villager are far superior to any other. Now on to what all of you are really looking for, their gathering capabilities:

 Villager Gathering Rate Statistics
Unit Gold Wood Food
Foraging Hunting Herding Farming
Atlantean Citizen 2.13 2.56 1.64 1.85 1.64 1.52
Greek Villager 0.91 1.08 0.73 0.85 0.73 0.69

Obviously, their gathering rates are higher than that on the Greek Villager's. You might be saying, "But the rates aren't quite 3x that of the Greek Villager's. How can that offset their 3x cost?" Well, as I said before, Atlantean Villagers do not have to spend any time whatsoever to drop off their resources; they just keep gathering and the resources keep coming in.

And not only is the raw time saved on resource gathering, the Atlantean Villager's lack of a drop-off point hugely increases its efficiency and effectiveness in other areas as well. The time and resources don't need to be spent on building these drop off points, time which could be better used gathering. On top of that, Atlantean Villagers don't need to stay in packs to hunt, mine, chop wood, or do anything to take in resources. Other villagers do due to their need to stay near the drop-off point, but Atlanteans can spread out everywhere; resulting in a more spread-out depletion of resources. Atlanteans don't need to fear about having sucked the gold out of every mine except one and losing that to the enemy.

This "decentralized economy" theme also affects the effectiveness of raiding. If a raiding party comes raiding, they'll have to systematically find and pick off each Atlantean villager to hurt their economy; they can't just attack a group and totally stop the intake of that one resource. One attack doesn't hurt the Atlanteans as badly as another civilization. But anyway, let's go on to their last bit of stats, building construction and repair rates:

 Villager Construction Rate Statistics
Unit Building TC Tower Repair
Atlantean Citizen 2.2 1.2 1.8 .725
Greek Villager 1.1 1.0 1.1 0.306

This is where the playing field starts to level out between the two. Atlantean Villagers don't have such a huge advantage in construction, only 2x the rate for most buildings. And since it takes longer for them to move from construction site to construction site due to their slower speed, Atlantean Villagers have an even lower advantage. But that 2x rate that I mentioned before doesn't include Town Centers, which build at basically the same rate as any other villager. Atlantean's may have an advantage in building town centers an age early, but their building rate is effectively 1/3 of any other civilization. Expansion may be easier with them, but not by much.

Overall, I would say that the advantages of the Atlantean Villager are very well balanced by their disadvantages. One might think such a monkeywrench thrown into the game would badly unbalance it in the favor of either the Atlanteans or the old civilizations, but the villager seems to be extremely well taken care of. It takes a while to get used to their completely unique attributes and how to use them effectively, but the Atlantean Villager can prove to me an extremely efficient and effective unit, just as much as the other civilizations'.