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In September 2015, it was announced that Age of Mythology will be getting a brand new expansion pack, over a decade after the release of the Titans expansion pack.
The new expansion pack: Tale of the Dragon will be released by Microsoft Studios, Skybox labs and Forgotten Empires. It will feature a brand new civilisation with 3 new gods. The expansion pack is also expected to be fully fleshed out, with new god powers, technologies and possibly even a new campaign (no official news yet).

This page will keep you up to date with all the latest developments!

The release date has been confirmed as the 28th of January!


Video Summary - 6 October 2015

ForgottenEmpires released an official summary of the highlights of their previous live stream. Read it in full, here at AoMH.

First video teaser - 2 October 2015

ForgottenEmpires showcased the new expansion and talk about the early development of the expansion. This first video shows some of the new units, buildings and terrains. Not to mention the stunning new main menu!
We learned the new gods will be called Shennong, Fu Xi and Nu Wa. There was a showcase of some of the new units and word of further units we can expect.
Please check the full announcement for further details.

Official Announcement - 19 September 2015

The first official announcement for Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon expansion pack. The post features limited news of the release and contains one gameplay screenshot showing off the new Chinese culture as well as a stunning banner of the new three Chinese gods.