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The Egyptians

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Ra- Archaic Age


  • Pharaoh empowering yields 25% more resources instead of 20%
  • Priests can empower buildings, but at a reduced rate
  • Camels and Chariot Archers have 12% more HP and move 10% faster
  • Monuments cost 25% less and have 20% more hit points

    God Power:
    Rain. Farms and fishing boats work 300% faster, allies and enemy's farms/fishing boats work 200% faster

    Skin of the Rhino. Villagers have 30% more hack/pierce armor, 10% more attack.

    Expansion Pack:
    Camels and Chariot Archers have 22% more HP instead of 12%.


Ptah- Classical Age

Bast- Classical Age
God Power: Shifting Sands. Teleport units to a different point on the map.
Myth Unit: Wadjet. Ranged unit that regenerates HP.

God Power: Eclipse. Increase the power of your myth units, prevents other GP's from being used.
Myth Unit: Sphinx. Good against buildings.


Sekhmet - Heroic Age

Hathor - Heroic Age
God Power: Citadel. Turn a friendly town center into a mighty Citadel.
Myth Unit: Scarab. Mythical siege weapon.

God Power: Locust Swarm. Destroy enemy farms, stealing food in the process.
Myth Unit: Petsuchos. Highly accurate long ranged unit.
Myth Unit: Roc. Transport land units via air.


Osiris - Mythic Age

Horus - Mythic Age
God Power: Son of Osiris. Turns the Pharaoh into a lightning wielding demi-god.
Myth Unit: Mummy. Turns enemy units into minions the player can control.

God Power: Tornado. Wreak havoc on enemy buildings and units.
Myth Unit: Avenger. Uses a spinning attack to hit all nearby units.


Cultures Index | Egyptian Overview