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The Egyptians

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Set- Archaic Age


  • Priests can convert wild animals.
  • Pharaoh can summon animals at the cost of favor. The variety of animals the Pharaoh can summon increases each time you advance an age.
  • Starts with a Hyena scout, additional animals are summoned at the temple on each age advance.
  • Slinger and Chariot Archer trained 20% faster.
  • Slingers have 10% more HP and 10% less hack vulnerability.
  • Migdol Stronghold costs 25% less.

    God Power:
    Vision. Reveals a large area in the fog of war for 20 seconds.

    Feral. Converted animals have 10% more HP, hack armor and pierce armor, have 50% more attack.


Ptah- Classical Age

Anubis- Classical Age
God Power: Shifting Sands. Teleport units to a different point on the map.
Myth Unit: Wadjet. Ranged unit that regenerates HP.

God Power: Plague of Serpents. Summons friendly serpents to guard an area from enemies.
Myth Unit: Anubite. Fast moving myth unit that can jump over obstructions in battle.


Sekhmet - Heroic Age

Nephthys - Heroic Age
God Power: Citadel. Turn a friendly town center into a mighty Citadel.
Myth Unit: Scarab. Mythical siege weapon.

God Power: Ancestors. Summons an army of Minions to serve the player for a short period of time.
Myth Unit: Scorpion Man. Attacks with poisoned tail and claws.
Myth Unit: Leviathan. Can transport land units as well as attack enemies.


Thoth - Mythic Age

Horus - Mythic Age
God Power: Meteor. Wreak havoc on enemy buildings and units.
Myth Unit: Phoenix. Attacks enemies from above, and can only be attacked by ranged units.
Myth Unit: Turtle. Naval myth unit.

God Power: Tornado. Wreak havoc on enemy buildings and units.
Myth Unit: Avenger. Uses a spinning attack to hit all nearby units.


Cultures Index | Egyptian Overview