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The Greeks

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Zeus Poseidon Hades

All three Greek gods have their own set of unique heroes, one for each age, which are trained from your town center or fortress. Each of these heroes are basically tough versions of regular game units, so there are infantry heroes, archer heroes...even a naval hero, The Argo. Heroes also have the the added ability that they can carry relics and place them in your temple, but their primary role is in countering mythological units, since all heroes have a large attack bonus against MU's.


In order to accumulate favor, the Greeks will have to send their villagers to pray at temples. While praying, the villagers cannot carry out other tasks so you'll have to allocate a small portion of your workforce for this. It is a more steady favor income than the methods employed by the Norse and Egyptians, though, and easier to control. The Greeks lose efficiency as they set more villagers to praying.

Titan - Available in 'The Titans' Expansion Pack.

The Titan for the Greeks is a half-man, three-headed half dog creatures named Cerberus.

Starting Conditions

Each of Age of Mythology's three cultures has different starting conditions in a normal game. The Greeks start with 3 villagers, (one more than the Norse and Egyptians) and a Kataskopos, - a scout cavalry. They get 250 food, 250 wood and 100 gold.

Other Attributes

Unlike the Egyptians and Norse, who train their basic units from one structure and their advanced units from another, the Greeks train their units from three separate buildings - the Academy, Archery Range and Stable.

Greek units are typically the most expensive, the toughest and often the slowest. Greek buildings are similar to those of Age of Kings in terms of cost and strength.

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