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The Greeks

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Poseidon- Archaic Age


  • Cavalry cost 10% less.
  • Stables cost 25% less.
  • Market use cost only 10%. (Think: Saracens in AoK)
  • When Poseidon's buildings are destroyed, miltia emerge from the rubble. Militia are weak melee units. The more expensive the structure, the more militia created from it being destroyed.
  • Gains a Hippocampus at the dock when a temple is built. Hippocampus cannot attack, but is a good scout, and will regenerate at a dock if killed.

    God Power:
    Lure. Draws animals towards to the target location for villagers to hunt.

    Lord of the Horses. Cavalry have +4 line of sight.

  • Heroes:
  • Archaic Age: Theseus (Infantry)
  • Classical Age: Hippolyta (Archer)
  • Heroic Age: Atalanta (Infantry)
  • Mythic Age: Polyphemus (Cyclops hero, can throw units)
  • Mythic Age: The Argo (Naval Hero)


Ares - Classical Age

 Hermes- Classical Age
God Power: Pestilence. Halt production at enemy buildings in the target area.
Myth Unit: Cyclops. Can pick up and hurl enemy units, killing them instantly.

God Power: Ceasefire. Stops all combat for one minute.
Myth Unit: Centaur. Tough and fast archer.


Aphrodite - Heroic Age

Dionysus - Heroic Age
God Power: Curse. Turn several enemy units into pigs.
Myth Unit: Nemean Lion. Tough lion whose special attack hits every enemy nearby.

God Power: Bronze. Increases the armor of all mortal units for a short period of time.
Myth Unit: Hydra. Increases in attack as it achieves more kills.
Myth Unit: Scylla. Naval myth unit. Also increases in attack as it achieves more kills.


Artemis - Mythic Age

  Hephaestus - Mythic Age
God Power: Earthquake. Deal rapid damage to enemy buildings, but little damage to units.
Myth Unit: Chimera. Special attack hits every unit directly in front of Chimera.

God Power: Plenty. Creates a plenty vault which constantly generates food, wood and gold.
Myth Unit: Colossus. Tough but slow melee unit that can heal itself by eating trees and gold mines.


Cultures Index | Greek Overview