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The Greeks

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Zeus- Archaic Age


  • Starts with 15 favor and can reach 200 favor instead of 100
  • Villagers generate favor 37.5% faster
  • Hoplites move 12% faster
  • Infantry do damage x2 to buildings

    God Power:
    Bolt. Kill a single target unit instantly.

    Olympic Parent. Heroes have 25% more hit points.

  • Heroes:
  • Archaic Age: Jason (Infantry)
  • Classical Age: Odysseus (Archer)
  • Heroic Age: Heracles (Infantry)
  • Mythic Age: Bellerophon (Cavalry with jump attack)


 Athena - Classical Age

 Hermes- Classical Age
God Power: Restoration. Heals friendly units and buildings in the target area.
Myth Unit: Minotaur. Can fling enemy units away from combat.

God Power: Ceasefire. Stops all combat for one minute.
Myth Unit: Centaur. Tough and fast archer.


Apollo - Heroic Age

Dionysus - Heroic Age
God Power: Underworld Passage. Allows units to travel between two points on the map instantly.
Myth Unit: Manticore. Ranged myth unit with a splash damage attack.

God Power: Bronze. Increases the armor of mortal units for a short period of time.
Myth Unit: Hydra. Increases in attack as it achieves more kills.
Myth Unit: Scylla. Naval version of Hydra.


Hera - Mythic Age

  Hephaestus - Mythic Age
God Power: Lightning Storm. Deal damage to a large number of units over a wide area.
Myth Unit: Medusa. Can turn enemy units to stone.

Myth Unit: Carcinos. Devastate enemy navies with this crablike naval myth unit.
God Power: Plenty. Creates a plenty vault which constantly generates food, wood and gold.
Myth Unit: Colossus. Tough but slow melee unit that can heal itself by eating trees and gold mines.


Cultures Index | Greek Overview