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The Norse

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Odin Thor Loki

The Norse have only one hero unit, the Hersir. Hersir are not elite units, like the Greek and Egyptian heroes, rather they are fairly cheap and only about as powerful as your other units. Hersir are not very fast, but when they get close to myth units, they deal significant damage. Hersir are also valuable assets for a Norse player who wants to build myth units - they slowly generate favor on their own, and gain twice as much favor from fighting enemy units than your other soldiers. Hersir can also gather Relics.


The Norse gain favor from combat. Norse units do not have to kill an enemy unit to gain favor, rather, hitting and enemy and removing a certain percentage of their HP gains a certain percentage of the total favor value of that unit. Hunting animals also gains favor, as does attacking buildings - though less than fighting enemy units in combat. Hersir - Norse heroes - gain more favor than regular units from combat, and they also slowly generate favor on their own without fighting at all.

Titan - Available in 'The Titans' Expansion Pack.

The Titan for the Norse is a large frost giant, named Ymir, which wields an icy hammer.

Starting Conditions

Each of Age of Mythology's three cultures has different starting conditions in a normal game. The Norse start with two gatherers, an ox cart and an Ulfsark - the basic infantry unit. The Ulfsark acts both as scout and builder, since Norse gatherers cannot place buildings, like the villagers of the other cultures. The Norse starting resources are 250 food, 200 wood and 150 gold.

Other Attributes

The Norse are the biggest departure from the gameplay style of AoE and they'll take the most getting used to. Norse gatherers, unlike the villagers of the Egyptians and Greeks, cannot place and build structures, only farms! However any Norse infantry unit can place a building instead. Norse buildings are cheaper and faster to build than Greek or Egyptian, but are also not as strong and easier to knock down.


Ox Cart

The Norse don't have resource dropoff structures like the Egyptians and Greeks. Instead, they train Ox Carts at the Town Center. Ox Carts allow gatherers to deposit food, wood and gold in order to add it to your stockpile. However ox carts take up population slots like regular units.

Dwarves are similar to gatherers, in that they gather resources and build farms. However, Dwarves are not as good at gathering food and wood, but gather gold at a faster rate. Dwarves cost gold instead of food, unlike regular gatherers.

The Norse have no archer units. Their only ranged support is Throwing Axemen, who do melee damage. Norse Cavalry are not as tough as Egyptian or Greek units, but are also cheaper. Overall Norse units have good attack but poor defense compared to Greek and Egyptians units.

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