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The Norse

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Odin- Archaic Age


  • Hunters gather 10% faster (Note: This bonus only exists in the v1.02 patch onwards)
  • Gains two Raven scouts on advancing to the Classical Age. Ravens regenerate if killed.
  • Human soldiers constantly regenerate hit points. Regeneration occurs at 0.8 HP/s when idle. (Slower when not idle.)
  • Huskarls, Portable Rams, Ballistae +20% hit points.
  • Jarls +10% hit points.

    God Power:
    Great Hunt. Increases the number of animals in the target area.

    Lone Wanderer. Ulfsarks +10% move speed.


Heimdall - Classical Age

Freyja - Classical Age
God Power: Undermine. Deals a large amount of damage to walls, towers and fortresses.
Myth Unit: Einherjar. Increases the attack of nearby units with a morale giving horn blast.

God Power: Forest Fire. Denies the enemy of lumber by setting a forest ablaze.
Myth Unit: Valkyrie. Can heal friendly units.


Njord - Heroic Age

Skadi - Heroic Age

God Power: Walking Woods. Animates several trees that will attack any enemy units that enter the area.
Myth Unit: Mountain Giant. Smashes buildings with his giant club.
Myth Unit: Kraken. Naval Myth unit.

God Power: Frost. Prevents a large number of enemy units from moving for a short period of time, but makes them harder to kill.
Myth Unit: Frost Giant. Freezes enemy units, stopping them from moving or attacking while frozen.


Tyr - Mythic Age

Baldr - Mythic Age
God Power: Fimbulwinter. Summons wolves to attack enemy villagers and town centers all over the map.
Myth Unit: Fenris Wolf Brood. The more wolves in the one area, the higher their attack becomes.
Myth Unit: Jormund Elver. Naval myth unit.

God Power: Ragnarok. Instantly converts all gatherers and dwarves into Hersir.
Myth Unit: Fire Giant. Tough and slow ranged unit. Special attack damages everything in its path.


Cultures Index | Norse Overview