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The Norse

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Thor- Archaic Age


  • Starts with 2 dwarves instead of 2 gatherers.
  • Dwarves cost 10 less gold, gather food at the same rate as regular villagers, gather wood only slightly slower. (Regular dwarves gather food and wood 20% slower.)
  • Can build Dwarven Foundry instead of Armory. Dwarven Foundry is available in the first age, and has no age restriction on tech research. It also has three more techs than the regular armory.
  • Dwarven Foundry technologies cost less gold.

    God Power:
    Dwarven Mine. Creates a gold mine at any location specified by the player. The gold mine holds more gold if cast in later ages.

    Pig Sticker. Villagers have +5 attack vs animals, gather food from hunting 10% faster.


Forseti - Classical Age

Freyja - Classical Age
God Power: Healing Spring. Creates a spring which heals all friendly units within range.
Myth Unit: Troll. Ranged unit that steals health from enemy units when attacking.

God Power: Forest Fire. Denies the enemy of lumber by setting a forest ablaze.
Myth Unit: Valkyrie. Can heal friendly units.


Bragi - Heroic Age

Skadi - Heroic Age
God Power: Flaming Weapons. Increases the attack of all human units for a period of time.
Myth Unit: Battle Boar. Tough melee unit. Special attack is a spinning kick that sends enemy units flying.

God Power: Frost. Prevents a large number of enemy units from moving for a short period of time, but makes them harder to kill.
Myth Unit: Frost Giant. Freezes enemy units, stopping them from moving or attacking while frozen.


Tyr - Mythic Age

Baldr - Mythic Age
God Power: Fimbulwinter. Summons wolves to attack enemy villagers and town centers all over the map.
Myth Unit: Fenris Wolf Brood. The more wolves in the one area, the higher their attack becomes.
Myth Unit: Jormund Elver. Naval myth unit.

God Power: Ragnarok. Instantly converts all gatherers and dwarves into Hersir.
Myth Unit: Fire Giant. Tough and slow ranged unit. Special attack damages everything in its path.


Cultures Index | Norse Overview