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Age of Mythology Preview

Through the Ages

This year at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ensemble Studios (ES) advances into the third age... the Age of Mythology. Age of Mythology (AoM) is a Real Time Strategy game based on a totally new 3D engine developed by Ensemble Studios, unlike their previous 2D Age of Empires/Age of Kings engines.

Many forumers at our site have wondered why Ensemble chose Mythology as the focus of their next game, 'deviating' from their focus on historically correct games. In a presentation at E3, Ensemble Senior Game Designer Bruce Shelley explained that back in ancient times, mythology related to the human experience. It was a time when beliefs & gods impacted human lives, when we thought they were real.

Another change in direction was having AoM in a 3D setting. As we all know, ES creates quality games, and game graphics are no exception. Moving onto 3D is the next logical step for ES, especially now that the technology has advanced to the point where the game looks as good as when it was in 2D. From what we have seen, ES has spared no efforts in making sure the graphics look superb.

Anyway, enough babble. The first thing Thunder and I did after we arrived at E3 was check out Age of Mythology. We were given a demo ( of many we attended during E3...) of the game. One thing to keep in mind while you’re reading this is that everything mentioned here is subject to change, and may well be changed, before the actual game comes out. Keep that in mind as you read this, and keep that in mind when you post feedback on our forums. Now, on with the show!

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