Hersir (Hero)

Hersir are the Norse hero units. They are not very tough against anything but myth units, but unlike other heroes are easy to mass produce. Like all norse infantry, they can construct buildings.

Hersir slowly generate favor on their own, and generate twice as much favor from combat than regular units.

Age: Archaic (Classical at Longhouse)
Trained at: Temple, Longhouse
Strong against: Myth units
Weak against: Regular units - particularly Axemen, Throwing Axemen and Hypaspists who do bonus damage to the Hersir


Cost: 80 40
Population: 3
Hack Damage: 8 (Damage reduced to 3 while in Archaic age)
  Damage x6 vs myth units
HP: 130
Hack Armor:
Pierce Armor: 15%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.2 meters/second
Line of sight: 16 meters
Training time: 23 seconds
Favor generation: x2


Worship Loki to access these bonuses:
  • +10% move rate
  • Summon myth units through combat
  • Trained 10% faster from Longhouse


Town Center technologies:
  • Classical/Heroic/Mythic Age +10% attack, +10% HP
  • Armory technologies:
  • Copper/Bronze/Iron Weapons +10% attack
  • Copper/Bronze/Iron Mail -15% hack vulnerability
  • Copper/Bronze/Iron Shields -15% pierce vulnerability
  • Worship Thor to access these technologies:
  • Hammer of the Gods +10% attack
  • Meteoric Iron Mail -10% hack vulnerability
  • Dragonscale Shields -10% pierce vulnerability
  • Worship Forseti to access this technology:
  • Hall of Thanes +10% speed and HP