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Here are some polls you can participate in at AoMH. To have your own poll posted here, request it in our forums!

How do you prefer to build scenarios? free polls

What do you use mostly to play AoM online? free polls

Do you want to become a pro player? free polls

Do you use mods in AoM? free polls

What is your favorite aspect of AoM? free polls

How do you like AoT's Artificial Intelligence? free polls

How often do you use cheat codes? free polls

Do you play multiplayer scenarios or random map scripts? free polls

How much has AoM encouraged you to be interested in mythology? free polls

Do you think Atlantis really existed? free polls

Do you read the historical description of the units in the game? free polls

Are you in a clan? free polls

What kinds of contests would you like to see at AoMH? free polls

Which titan do you think looks the coolest? free polls

Do you post at our forums? free polls

Do you do any kind of game editing? (scenario design, modding, etc) free polls

What was your first Real Time Strategy game? free polls

On average, how many hours do you spend playing AoM per week? free polls

What part of AoM are you most interested in? free polls

Have you ever been a member of a clan? free polls

What kind of player are you? free polls