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Cinematic Guidelines

Cinematic Scenarios

Cinematic scenarios are completely different to singleplayer or multiplayer scenarios and as such should not be reviewed in the same way. Many things must be changed in cinematic scenarios reviews from the normal reviews.


The first thing that needs to be changed, is the category playability, change this to watchability. This is not your ability to watch the scenario. If it was, it would always score a 5 unless you were blind, had bad vision, or were severely color-deficient. Score watchability as how fun you had watching the scenario. You should also rate how boring it was for you, as nobody wants to watch a cinematic that seems like ages until it's over.

Some things that should be taken into account when reviewing watchability are:

Was the cinematic exciting?

Was the cinematic compelling?

Did the cinematic capture your attention for the duration?

Would you watch the cinematic again?

Was the cinematic unique?

Make sure to include an explanation to those questions if you answer them. However, DO NOT factor funniness in watchability, funniness is not a needed criterion in a cinematic. If you do want to factor it in, perhaps the showcase says it's funny and you think otherwise, then it should go in creativity, not watchability. The amount of cinematic features could go here too.


Balance in a cinematic relates to the quality of the cinematic itself. If the camera track randomly zoomed in and out, had massive amounts of lag and jumped out of control then the cinematic simply isn't balanced.

Some points to include in this category are:

The amount of lag.

The jumpiness of the camera track.

The zoom and pitch level.

If the track/cuts made you dizzy or not.

This is category is not what happened in the cinematic, but how it was done as a whole. It's like the body's backbone. It's not a major feature, but it supports everything.


This category has a lot of the same criterion as normal scenarios. It is found throughout and everywhere in the map and should be marked after assessing all of the cinematic. For instance, funniness should be marked for times where it was funny and times where it wasn't funny, not just one or the other.

Some things to keep in mind when reviewing creativity are:


Trigger Tricks.

Sounds and Units used.

Anything that specifically caught your attention from its uniqueness or something you hadn't seen before.

Originality can also be judged here.

Map design

Very much speaks for itself, did you find the environment suiting or not? All you really have to say in here is whether of not you liked what the author did to the environment and why. Make sure to include the basic elements, like lighting, eyecandy and use (or lack of) of fog.


Whilst there aren't any instructions in cinematics, there is story, so change the category name to Story. Your pretty much asking is there a story in the cinematic - if it is a decent cinematic there should be. Rate how detailed and probably the story was, if a Toxote with no story around him, somehow shoots down 60 nidhoggs flying in the air, that's a bit unrealistic and would score badly. But if the Toxote obtained the Blessing of Zeus after a long and perilous quest, and shot down 60 nidhoggs, then it is obviously going to rate higher. Unanswered questions that you might have can also bring down the score of the cinematic, as long as they're not meant to be unanswered, that is.

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