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Miscellaneous Files Guidelines

Miscellaneous files are quite hard to give guidelines for, as there is a wide range of files that could be submitted in this category.

There is only one field, so please use common sense when reviewing and judge the file fairly, against the criteria that have been explained by the author. If you are truly stuck and desperately need guidelines, contact a member of the official review team.

Here is the final rating breakdown:

1 - Very Poor: This file does either not do what it is supposed to do, or is incredibly bad at it.
2 - Poor: The file is not explained or presented very well. There are more bad things about it than good things.
3 - Average: An average file should be evenly weighted between good and bad, with a lot of room for improvement.
4 - Good: A good file should have more good points than bad, and have an accurate description.
5 - Excellent: This denotes an outstanding file that is truly exceptional. Whatever it may be, it is certainly worth a download and fulfils all the things it promised.

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