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Modpacks Review Guidelines

Modpacks have been around since the first shooting games, and for Age of Mythology, it adds new units, powers, and just about everything. So, they deserve more categories in the review, to commemorate and to give attention to each part.

Textures: The texture work is perhaps the most important thing in a modification. In-game the texture needs to be compatible and fit in with the other units, and it needs to have detail, not just a blend of smeared colors.

Animations: The animation is as important as appearance, so the animations need to be clear, and easy to figure out. And even if they are new or added on from other units, they need to be fitting for the unit. Is the unit fighting or gathering? Is the unit flailing or dyeing? The animations need to fit and to be clear.

Originality: Is this unit something that has not been included in Age of Mythology. Is it a creative modification? As in special effects or features? A modification always need to have originality, as in a new unit or something of the sort.

Unit Settings: The unit icon, sounds, and history are a big part of a modification. The history file has to be grammatically correct, because no one would want a misspelled word every time you glance at the history file. The icon needs to be accurate to the unit for a soldier, do not put a giraffe icon, or for an elephant, a baboon. Make sure the settings are accurate to the unit.


1.- Greatly Poor: This mod had poor textures, and it looks really rushed and is not creative nor does it offer anything new to the game besides a new unit with no use whatsoever. It needs major work in touching up everything.

2.- Poor: This modification offers anothing new, but the textures are alright along with the settings. The settings are not to error-ful, but they were poor and not too good. The modification is ok, but could use improving.

3.- Average: This modification is alright and awfully average to some mods out there. This mod is not that original, and might have been done before. The textures and settings were ok.

4.- Good: This mod was very good. It had great textures and the settings were alright and in order. But, there was nothing too great to this modification to make it top-notch.

5.- Excelent: This mod was all in order. The textures were great and clearly detailed, the unit settings, history were all gramatically correct. There was creativity to this mod, it was a great original unit. This was a top notch mod!

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