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Recorded Games Guidelines

Strategy: Was the game well balanced with an economic plan? Did you use any special powers to aid yourself or hurt your enemies? The strategy is perhaps the most important part. It is the basic plan you start off with, from your small farming village, to a huge citadel, it all falls down on this. Without a plan, you would be confused and your enemy would defeat you much faster, having nothing in store to put up a fight with. The overall strategy plus a good economic plan can help lead your civilization to victory.

Usefulness: Recorded games are helpful to new players, and they allow experienced ones to learn from one another. Doing so, the recorded game must consist of economic plan, battle strategy, and a mutual friendship with allies. This is so others can see how you set up your game, and they add that to their strategy. Perhaps you dabbled in the arts of trading more after seeing how much it can affect your resources. Or perhaps you start an army as soon as possible after seeing how the player defended that massive attack. The game must be balanced out and you need to make sure other players can learn from you and your mistakes.

Economic Plan: The economic plan during the game is very important. It keeps your civilization in balance with troops and improvements that you need to win. You need to have plenty of villagers on each resource, and markets and improvements help your economy work well and keep working better. Since your resources are a major part of the game, and are the main sources for your troops, buildings, and improvements.

Military Plan: In order to succeed, you need to have a mix of soldiers, which include cavalry, infantry, archers, and siege. Knowing your enemy is also important. Let’s say the enemy is Hades, specializing in archers. You might want to train more cavalry, and sine the enemy will probably have infantry protecting, have some archers as well. Balancing and knowing your enemy will help you succeed.

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