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Utilities Review Guidelines

Ah utilities. Where would we be without them? There's only one category for rating these devious little devices, but you need to make sure you put a lot of thought into it.

When you go about rating a file under this category, you should take the following things into account and bring them all together for one average rating of the file.

Usefulness – Is this utility exactly what you wanted? Is it a great spangled new program that begs the question of how could people play AOM before it, or is it another chocolate teapot?

Performance – You've read the message, but does this utility really cut it in the demanding world of AOM? A top point scorer in here would do exactly what it says on the tin, and maybe have a few extra items thrown in.

Image and layout – Does this utility look good? Is everything set out in a logical order or are there a tornado of buttons flying around making you think a blue screen of death is imminent? To gain full marks here, the utility should have a brilliant and eye catching interface, with everything laid out in a logical order.

Now average out your scores and you have an overall rating. Remember, you can use half marks in this category.

Here is the final rating breakdown:

1 - Very Poor: The utility is either a chocolate teapot or a Rude Goldberg. It should not be scoring high in any categories and there is a lot of room for improvement.
2 - Poor: The utility is useful, but instructions on how to use it or the layout is poor.
3 - Average: An average utility should be checking all the criteria boxes, but not scoring too highly overall. The utility should be well thought out but not so welly executed.
4 - Good: A good utility will be useful and well presented, however there is still something that could be improved or clarified. A good utility must be above average in all 3 sub-criteria.
5 - Excellent: This denotes an outstanding utility that sparks ideas and revolutionises gameplay. Something you can't live without on your daily trek into the AOM world! It should score top points in most (if not all) the subsections.

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