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Yeebaagooon's Guide to making God Powers!

created 7/22/07

By Yeebaagooon

Welcome eager trigger maker! In this guide I hope to teach you how to use godpowers to all possible extremities. This will include, basic ones, quest var ones, letting the player make their own, god powers by god powers and finally the ultimate power.
So without any more fuss, lets go!

This guide has been split into 7 sections. I suggest you read each one in order, and maybe go to page 7 first if you do not have all the triggers required.

  • Page 1: Introduction
  • Page 2: Basic Powers
  • Page 3: Quest Var Powers
  • Page 4: Let the players make their own powers
  • Page 5: Cool powers with god powers by god powers
  • Page 6: The ultimate god power
  • Page 7: Tools & Endnotes

I hope you enjoy the guide!


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