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Making your own icons guide

created 7/30/09

By Mephiles

When you make a scenario, you usually put in an objective or two and if you're making a campaign, you also have a spotlight of your own. They have pictures and information on a certain topic and a picture!
Alot of people have info in the spotlights section and don't have a picture to go with it! How do you make a picture? It looks weird if you do something like:

icons/scenario e son of osiris icon 64

because it looks so blurry!

I now have the answer!


- Paint
- AoMED ( Click here to get it. ZIP)
- Age of Mythology


Take a picture of whatever your spotlight is about.


Open paint and load the picture.


Make the picture 256x128 and save it as a .bmp file.


Open the AoMED and then click on "Set input data file" and click on your picture. Then, open. (If you can't see your screenshot, select "File of type" and click on "All Files")


On the "Set output data file", change Example_Spotlight.bmp (or whatever you called it) to ".ddt".


Now click on "read data file" (if you get an error message, click on OK). Then, "Write data file" (if you get an error message, click on OK)


Now for the: converting the file part. Click on "Direct file conversion". Find the ".bmp" file again and click on "Open" again. Then, choose what you will save it as, and click on "Save". Save it in (This is the default location):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Textures\Icons


Now choose "16-bit, no alpha" NOT "Paletted 16-bit, no alpha" and "OK". Then, click on "5 levels" and OK. (This might take a while!)


Now just go on AoM(:TT) and go on the objectives, and in the "Pictures SP:" Type (icons/whatever you called it)

Well, there you have it:


Special thanks to:


I couldn't have done this walkthrough without you guys


If you have any problems, please tell me. Tell me what the problem is, and what you did or why it happened