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Welcome to the Designer Biographies section of the Scenario Design Library. In this section you get a chance to learn about the talented designers behind the scenarios you've played and love. Read about the struggles and aspirations that have led them to become who they are in the community, as well as the inspirations that have pushed them to create some among the many scenarios you can find in our Downloads Section. Scenario designing is a delicate art requiring a lot of vision, patience, practice, and good old hard work. If you feel like it's too hard to learn to use the Scenario Editor or you think you aren't good enough to release a quality scenario, reading about the hard work others have gone through may just be the inspiring edge you've been looking for. Enjoy the articles and I hope you learn something about this unique community of ours. - CheeZy

Articles Under this Section:

Your Divine Overlord, King Jared: An Autobiography

A veteran scenario and modpack designer, and recently-promoted HG staff member, King Jared has been designing since late-2000. Having worked on such games as AoK, SW:GB, and AoM, and member of the legendary Tsunami Studios, he has, over the years, developed design skills rivalled by few and is a force to be reckoned with, both in the world of scenario design and the HG community at large. His article weaves the tale of his growth as a mapper, modder, and HG community member, from his early AoK days to his "Glory Days" of AoM. King Jared's released works can be downloaded here.
Autobiography of Guardian of Isis/The God of Gods

Yet another new arrival on the design front, Guardian of Isis/The God of Gods has been a long-time fan of the RTS genre, and a designer for AoM since mid-2004. His article delves into his life as scenario designer, past, present, and future. Guardian of Isis/The God of Gods' released works can be downloaded here.
Felix Hermansson, at your service

A self-proclaimed accidental designer, Felix Hermansson has been designing for AoM since 2003. Best known for his Circe Saga, Felix has proved to be a solid scenario designer and AI scripter, his work well-recieved by the community. His article covers such issues as his beginnings, his life and times as a designer and member of of Tsunami Studios, and even his philosophy on the nature of scenario design. Felix's released works can be downloaded here.
Rise and Fall of the Designer Dream: The Unauthorized Autobiography of FD2

Having dabbled in scenario design since the AoK days, the now-retired FD2 remains a familiar face in the HG community. In his article, he briefly goes into the details of his life as a scenario designer, from his early days as newb, to the height of his fascination with the discipline, and ultimately to his disillusioned retirement. FD2's released works can be downloaded here.
Larmir's Amazing Autobiography

Larmir, referred to as EO or simply Enrique Orduno by his old name is a frighteningly talented force in the community, an "oldie" in every sense of the word, he's been doing amazing and original things in the "Age of" community since before you were even in your newb days. A pioneer of the scenario and modding community in a number of games (AoK, EE, and AoM) Larmir's tale goes back years. This is an excellent article and the history in it is a must read for everyone in the community. Larmir's released works can be downloaded here.
EaZy's Autobiography

Another newcomer to the scene, EaZy_Ben has been a steady designer since shortly after AoM's release. He elaborates in his article about the projects he's worked on and his participation in the community. EaZy's released works can be downloaded here.
The Autobiography of The Vandhaal

Though you may have not seen the name "The Vandhaal" very much in the community, he is a solid designer with skills that few others have. The creator of The Ring of the Nibelungen gives details about his personal as well as his designer inspirations behind his work, along with his interactions in the community and the scenario design team Tsunami Studios. The Vandhaal's released works can be downloaded here.
The Autobiography of Istari

A pioneer of the the first RPGs made for AoM, Istari's work is very well respected. In his article, Istari mainly talks about who he is and the inspirations behind his designing. Istari's released works can be downloaded here.
Hessu's Autobiography

Hessu's first big moment in the community came when he submitted a GTA style scenario for the Heroes of Mythica contest. Though he only placed 3rd, the judges believed the scenario to be very unique and Hessu's style was set. In his autobiography, Hessu talks about how he got around to first learning the editor up to the release of a very funny and unique cinematic scenario called Attack of Space Monkeys. Hessu's released works can be downloaded here.
Auron's Autobiography

An active member of the community, Auron first started participating in 2003 when the AoM design community was just starting out. Though initially taking the role of the friendly newb, time has shown Auron's integrity as a designer. The article takes a big look at his participation in the community. Auron's released works can be downloaded here.
The Autobiography of Reinfire

A relatively recent addition to the community, Reinfire tells an ideal tale of how he learned the bits and pieces of the editor and started working on scenarios of his own, concluding with the release of his Doom Lords RPG. If you're a struggling designer, don't give up you'll never see how close you came to succeeding. Reinfire's released works can be downloaded here.
Lord Gaurdian's Autobiography

Age of Mythology designer veteran and creator of the King of the Mountain trilogy, Gaurdian talks about his early days in the community, the progression and history of his released projects as well as his role in a number of Scenario Design Teams, including his leading role in Liquid Fire Studios". Gaurdian's released works can be downloaded here.
A CheeZy Autobiography

Ex-Staff member and the author of this Scenario Design Library, CheeZy tells his tale from his modest beginnings in the "Age of" community in late 2000 to his becomming a HeavenGames staff member in 2003, to where he currently is occupied at WildFire Games. 25 lengthy paragraphs talk of CheeZy's early days in the community and his fervor for community growth and perfection. CheeZy, among other "oldies", has played a pivotal role in the development of the Age of Mythology Scenario Design community in its early days from 2002 to 2004. CheeZy's released works can be downloaded here.
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