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Eyecandy Showcase

The scenario designers at Age of Mythology Heaven are capable of creating some truly amazing and spectacular scenes in the Age of Mythology editor. Unfortanetly, there is no way for you to see all of these creative and original screenshots. After realizing this problem, this page was created to help users! Below is a list of some of our select few scenario designers who have taken the opportunity to feature their screenshots here! Each designer has been allowed 10 screenshots to show off their ability, and these screenshots are listed beneath each of their names. So, take a step back and marvel at the beauty of Age of Mythology

For more screenshots, check out the scenario design section at our forums. Or, more specifically, the Eye-Candy thread for even more screenshots. Want to add your own screenshots to this page? Check out the thread in our forum for instructions and important information!.

Designer List

Baske | ChaosRobie | EaZy | eyecandy of doom | I Love Bananas | Lazy_Warhero | LuCkyMaN | Lupus | Mephiles | Nanodude | Navarone_Revenge | pharoh_elite | Potato_Monkey | Shad0w_Hawk | Shraze | Swift Sampson | That_Guy_U_Know | The God of Mods | The Vandhaal


Draculas Castle
"Draculas Castle "


Total Screenshots: 5
Why is this idiot staring at us?
"Why is this idiot staring at us?"

eyecandy of doom

Total Screenshots: 2
  • The hanging gardens #1
  • Why is this idiot staring at us?
  • Come The Corruptor Come The Corruptor
    "Come The Corruptor"


    Total Screenshots: 4
    When Giants Visit The Local Pub!
    "When Giants Visit The Local Pub!"


    Total Screenshots: 4
    Rainy Ruins
    "Rainy Ruins"


    Total Screenshots: 8
    Enter The Arena
    "Enter The Arena"


    Total Screenshots: 1
    Followers Of Thor
    "Followers Of Thor"


    Total Screenshots: 3
    Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam
    "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam"


    Total Screenshots: 1
    King's Palace
    "King's Palace"


    Total Screenshots: 8
    After Death
    "After Death"

    The God of Mods

    Total Screenshots: 3

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