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Overlapping Buildings Basic

created 9/26/03

By CheeZy monkey

If any of you have designed for AOK (Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings) you'll know that something called "Map Copy" was very popular. Using the "map copy" tool in the editor you could overlap buildings. Overlapping buildings in AOM is much easier, but the results are many times more powerful

In AOM, overlapping buildings is very simple. I discovered it sometime in September when I had received my Marketing Beta, which was basically the full game. To overlap a building you would simply use the "position object" tool and drag the unit into another unit. Ingeniously simple, yet very powerful.
Here are some examples of some of the simpler things you can create by overlapping buildings.

Here we have a circular farm. To make it, simply rotate a few farms and move them into each other so they overlap. Note that when you overlap farms, you can task more villagers on the farms.

You can also overlap gold, or infact any other resource. Note how the gold looks bigger (and can also be mined for a longer period of time). You can make entire mountains of gold by overlapping them if you'd like.

Here we have a sort of pillar thing. Enough said :-)

8 sided pyramid.

This is a building. By overlapping things you can create huge mansions and buildings of your own, with enough creativity you can pull off some extraordinary things.

That concludes the basics of overlapping buildings. The Overlapping Buildings Advanced article explains things like elevated buildings and has even more visual descriptions.

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