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Modding is the tradition of "modifying" a part of or evan a complete game to something else. Mods have been around since the first First Person Shooter Games, and since recently (since AOK) Modding has hit the RTS scene.

Fortunately for us, Modding is a much easier process to do in AoM than it is in AoK. Partly due to the wide array of tools availible, you can edit just about any aspect of AOM. Here you will learn about XML, Texture, Model, and Data modding in AoM.

Articles Under this Section:

How to create your own skies by Yeebaagooon

Tutorial for creating your own skybox and displaying it in AoM:TT!
A Beginnerís Guide to Modeling With 3ds Max and ABE by Android GRRR

Tutorial for moddeling high quality units with the revolutionary ABE!
3DS Max Online

Interested in learning more about modding or looking for a new past time? Check out 3DS Max at their site and see what they've got to offer!
Auron's Guide to Basic Modding by Auron

New to modding? Checkout this guide!
Auron's Guide to Creating Menu Backrounds by Auron

Tired of the current backrounds? Want to make your own? Well, read this guide and you might as well!
How to Remove Sheilds, Capes, Heads, etc. Without Model Editing by Dnas

Don't want your unit to have a cape? A shield? well, read this article and learn how to remove those things without editing the model.
Making Quality Mods by Waveslave

Waveslave explains the steps on making a great quality mod, worth a read for anyone, experts or newbies.
In-depth Guide to Proto editing by Waveslave

This guide is for those who want to get started in units modding, very detailed guide on the Proto.xml file.
Modelling Units Guide by Argalius

This is an advanced tutorial on how to modify and Age of Mythology's units 3D models.
Adding New Units Guide by waveslave610

waveslave610 explains how to add new units and objects in the game through this type of data modding.
Creating Godpowers using XML by xLpx

This is an advanced tutorial on how to modify AoM's original god powers and customize them.
Technology Modding by Magnum Pi

This is an advanced tutorial on how to modify AoM's original god powers and customize them.
Rider's Guide to Anim Editing by RiderofEternity

Anim files in AOM are small text files that control a unit's appearance, animation, and attatchment points. With anim editing you can make units shoot fire, or have a different shield/weapon, or whatever you want. This Guide shows you just how to do that.
Texture Editing Tutorial by Izzy

Izzy goes through a step-by-step guide on creating texture mods (changing the apearance) of a unit.

Need to gear up on your modding tools? Visit our Modding Resources page for the best tools and utilities availible to scenario designers.

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